There is something special about feeling you are enough. Life takes on a whole new dimension.

You feel confident, strong, beautiful, and in control of your life.

You know you are ready for a deeper connection with yourself, yet you aren’t sure where to start or how to create it for yourself.

My soulful purpose is to lead you to bridge the gap between who you are right now, to the freedom of being who you want to be as a woman on your own terms.

in the deepest part of you, you are always searching for a loving soulful connection with yourself.

When you have experienced childhood trauma, embracing and fully loving who you are is difficult. You never feel you are enough, no matter what you do and how successful you are in life.

Something keeps driving you. You do and you strive not knowing when to stop finally knowing you are enough for who you are right now – not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW.

You compensate you, the woman you want to be, for the woman you think you should be. You are forever pleasing others and being there to meet all their needs. Along the way you have forgotten how to love and be there for yourself. You have lost sight of your long-held dreams and desires.

It is so easy to follow the social norm of how to be a woman in this pronatalism society. But if you want to break free, be a woman in her own right with or without children, it can be isolating.

You think you are fitting in but in fact deep within you are feeling lonely and on your own with you emotions of grief, sadness, confusion, anger, and resentment.

On the outside you have created this strong, dependable, reliable, and successful persona who has it all together. In fact, you wonder if anyone would believe you

But on the inside, you are crying – crying out for help. And you don’t want anyone to know.

Who can you reach out to get understanding, unbridled support and clarity without feeling judged, awkward and a failure? A place where you get the chance to voice, articulate and clear your thoughts?

A therapist.

In therapy sessions, you will begin to connect with a part of you that you have been missing without even realising it – beautiful glorious YOU.



  • I highly recommend Chantal's services. She holds a safe space for you to let go, heal and discover new things about yourself. Her process is powerful, activating and transformative. Chantal is definitely a wise, loving and experienced healer and I am very grateful for having met her. She is a gift to this world and I recommend gifting yourself a visit to see her.

    Libby Griffen

  • For many years I didn't understand that I had locked my heart to the pain of the past and that this behaviour was negatively impacting the enjoyment of my life. I felt I was carrying a huge load on my shoulders.

    I blamed so many external factors for how I felt until one day I realised it was me.  Intuitively, I knew I needed and was drawn to Chantal's brand of meditation. Through Chantal's gentle guided meditations, I slowly unlocked my heart, opened up to the emotional pain I was carrying and started to feel so much lighter.

    l am so grateful that Chantal has had the courage to use her natural skills. Importantly that I have had the opportunity access her skills and that it is making a positive difference to my life. Thank you Chantal.

    Gianna Cammarano

  • Thanks for the sensational session again today.... every time I come to see you it’s always different. The reiki and reading I had today was so fantastic!!!🌸🌸💕💕💕💓💓we all need a little reassurance sometimes and you do that SO well👌🌟🌟🌟

    Lizzy Olsen

  • I had tried to meditate a number of times and thought I was someone that couldn't meditate 'right'. I was also nervous about spending hours breathing and doing nothing. Afternoon spending 3 hours with Chantal learning to meditate I am converted. I have been seeing a Chiro for a niggling jaw issues for  about a year and now it's gone. I am actually writing this two weeks after our workshop and still don't have a saw neck or jaw. This workshop gave me the tools to create a space when I was stressed to decompress and just breath.

    Thank you Chantal I can honestly say that changed me. 


  • Thank you, Chantal, for having me at the meditation and tapping workshop. I enjoyed learning about all the ways to calm down in a rough situation and it really helps me at school and other times when I am stressed. 

    I especially enjoyed meditating. It felt as if I had been sleeping for three hours! I felt so alive.



  • I had the privilege of having a personal 1:1 session with Chantal regarding my baby loss experiences. She has the gentlest way of holding space for women with such tender intuitive guidance and grace. She has a unique way of guiding me to get to the root of some emotions that have been long held back. By the end of our session, I felt so much peace and felt truly honored in the space that she held for me. Thank you, Chantal for all you do.

    Tracey Swainson

  • What a delight it was to work with Chantal in her beautiful space in the Darlington hills. Absolutely worth the 30-minute drive! My time with Chantal was working on a couple of challenges that many of us face as women - my feeling of being both 'not enough' and yet 'too much'. It's such a vulnerable place to delve into within ourselves, and there lays another challenge - allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. . Chantal holds the space with such integrity, gentleness and compassion. She truly provides a safe space to sit into vulnerability, to be seen and to be heard. Chantal's intuitive wisdom, deep empathy and ability to trust her guidance made for a meaningful and powerful healing session.

    Chantal, wonderful woman, as we so beautifully established, the shining light in me, honours, and bows to the radiant shining light you emanate. Thank you 🕊✨💖

    Elizabeth Morris

  • Whenever I see Chantal I am reminded of the quote 'it is the moments that make up our lives', and the moments that I have in the company of Chantal and in the receiving of her healing modalities, are truly special moments. From the vibrancy of the colors, and the electric personality she greets you with, through to the tranquil inner peace that she connects into and shares in her massages and reiki - Chantal brings and shares these beautiful moments through her work. Thank you Chantal, so blessed to have you in my life. x

    Gerri Scott

  • My warm visit with Chantal was a surprise reading with revelations that saw me "own" my direction. I came away feeling empowered and comfortable to validate that my direction was the right one. Quite a few epiphanies later I sought out this tranquil spot high on a hill to breath it all in and contemplate. Chantal’s friendly manner and ease of conversation added a heartfelt experience to my time, she was a joy as was my conversation with her. Be surprised, be awesome struck and just "be" surprised at the revelations.

    Judith Ann

  • I had the opportunity to spend time with Chantal and what stood out for me was her detached empathy. What does that mean? It means that she could hold a space entirely for me filled with loving kindness and understanding. Not an easy feat. She is also open and vulnerable, allowing for a deeper connection. I cannot recommend her enough.

    Karen Foote

Acknowledgement of country

With every conscious breath I take on this vast and majestic land, I have faith it feels my love, honour and appreciation for its beauty, ancientness, and spirituality. The land where I live and work is Whadjuk country. I acknowledge the Noongar people as the traditional and ongoing custodians of this land. I share with you my respects for the Elders past and present who make me feel nurtured, embraced, accepted and safe. I honour the presence of these ancestors residing in the spirit of this land who welcomed me in by offering this magical space to live, work, and create in. I appreciate the inclusion I feel as a woman without children supporting me in all that I am and all that I do so I, too, can create a sense of inclusivity, belonging and acceptance with this enduring connection of spirit in my heart to this land by the Elders of today.