leading women to rediscover their own power,

to fulfil their personal and business lives

unfold your power

unfold your power

rediscover your power and allow your inner self to shine

i work with groups of women in creative workshops and one on one

unfold your magic

unfold your magic

the mindful woman is an online circle for women ready to be heard

we come together to create something magical

unfold your beauty

unfold your beauty

revolutionising women’s sense of their own beauty

supported by my own brand, franc essential, natural skin care created in australia

when you are mindful you claim your own power,

and then create room for belief in your beauty

 Something that connects us as women are our life changing experiences. Whilst you know you are ready for change, you’re not yet sure where to start or how to create it for yourself.

my purpose is to lead you to bridge the gap between where you are right now, to the freedom to be where and who you want to be



  • I have just left another one of my amazing monthly sessions with Chantal. To start with the hospitality is second to none. The setting, the atmosphere and the energy of our meditation space is just perfect. Every single time I leave I am so energised and happy. I feel supported, calm and clear. My regular meditation sessions allow me to be the best mother, wife, friend, and career woman I can be. Thank you to an amazing healer, friend, and mentor for everything she gives me and the community. You are amazing, Chantal.

    Amy Metaxas Chiropractic Assistant Trainer, Recruiter and Coach
  • Sebelum istri saya menggunakan produk ini, kulit istri saya mengalami pengelepuhan bersisik pada seluruh badan tubuhnya, ketika pada saat usia kandungan dan bulan sampai sudah lahir putri saya,kulit istri saya tetap melepuh. hampir sudah putus asa untuk berobat dan menahan sakitnya atas melepuhnya itu terapi semenjak saya ketemu sama mama Tetapi semenjak bertemy mama Chantal dan dikasi obat berupa cream dan dengan rutin memakainya dan syukurnya dalam jangka waktu mingu. Kulit istri saya sembuh dan tanpa bekas. Saya sangat berterimakasih kepada mama Chantal dan Franc Essential Thank you Franc Essential Cream Products Before using this product my wife had the scaly and itchy skin all over her body, all during her pregnancy and even after my daughters were born, my wife still had blistered skin. She was desperate to withstand the pain with no medication and treatment for blisters. Since meeting mama Chantal, she got relief in the form of cream, and with regular use and gratitude in a period of a week, my wife’s skin healed without a trace. I am grateful to mama Chantal and Franc Essential I on behalf of the family

    Ketut Suardana Father of Balinese Conjoined Twins
  • I use Franc Essentials because it’s the first product I have used that makes my skin feel clean. I have been using it for over five years and it’s the first product that my skin feels hydrated and radiant. My skin is an asset that displays my wellbeing and health. With Franc I am free to not wear makeup and be scared of my complexion because the all-natural products in Franc ensure that I am clear and fresh at any moment. Modelling for many years I have tried the latest products recommended by makeup artists and never felt as pure as I do with Franc.

    Fabienne Vanderhaeghen International model
  • I met Chantal through a very good friend and I attended one of her wonderful creative workshops. Chantal has the ability to help you open up all sorts of creative possibilities and take you on journeys you didn’t think possible or didn’t think about at all.  Chantal has a gift of ensuring you are listening to yourself, nurturing yourself and letting you be you in a secure non threatening environment where you can be yourself and open up. Meditation seems to come natural to Chantal and she shares her knowledge and methods unconditionally.  Chantal’s presence is relaxing and nurturing and you find yourself being able to enter into a relaxed and meditative state in a very short time under the guidance of her words. One of the most recent experiences I had with Chantal’s guidance through a meditation session was almost hypnotic for me personally and I could feel myself glowing from inside out…. a truly wonderful experience. I was not a practiced meditator prior to meeting Chantal and now I look forward to my daily meditation that Chantal has encouraged me to embrace and the wonderful journey it is taking me on. I look forward to each session I have with Chantal because the methods she so openly shares brings me to a new wonderful experience each time.  

    Susie St Clair
  • I have attempted over the years to have a skin regime and used a range of products to achieve this. However, Franc Essential feels light, wonderful, nourishing and smells heavenly and my skin is proof. It is easy to use, made of only of the best ingredients and created by a very dear friend, who has put her love into making a product you will never leave. When I first used the Melt after a shower I was transported to a tropical island and felt delicious!! I will stay on this rich journey for life as Franc Essential is simply Essential.

    Lucy Parker A loyal advocate
  • Chantal, I just wanted to reach out and say a massive thank you for the Reiki training recently.  I have been wanting to study energy healing for very many years but just hadn’t felt the time or teacher was quite right. I’m so glad that I chose you as my mentor and teacher. The 2 days were not just a wonderful learning experience around Reiki techniques, but what you offered was a very spiritual and truly nurturing experience…a whole person experience! You created such a gorgeous and sacred space in your lovely home to just be, to learn, to connect and feel nurtured…this is definitely a very unique and special approach to learning Reiki from what is normally offered…like a mini spiritual retreat and training combined! I really believe we are meant to really connect deeply to ourselves and to spirit when learning and practicing such techniques…you really helped me to do that. I left feeling more connected to my intuition and really peaceful too!  You were worth every cent…I’m so looking forward to the next one!!”

    Michelle Sims Body and Soul Coach
  • It is with much pleasure that I have aligned myself with Chantal and her wonderful skincare range Franc. I have always had problem skin and after using Franc for the past 3 months I have seen amazing results. I no longer have dryness or redness and my skin is looking the best it ever has! I am now getting so many positive comments. I say use Franc and you won't be disappointed.

    As a strong advocate for women, it gives me great satisfaction to work with women like Chantal who want to make a genuine difference to women in the community. Her compassion, coupled with her integrity, is evident to anyone who meets Chantal and forms a relationship with her.

    Again thank you Chantal for helping me a healthier and younger 57 year old.

    Ros Worthington OAM Founder and Patron - Breast Cancer Foundation of WA
  • “The beautiful aromas of Franc Essential fill up my senses and make me feel special everyday I use them.”

    Gianna Cammarano A loyal advocate
  • I think booking to come to your afternoon meant that from the beginning I was making a commitment to do something positive for my health and wellbeing. That was step one and the most work that I had to do; the rest you provided in terms of welcoming venue, guided meditations and lovely afternoon tea. It was a really embracing atmosphere and you gave a wonderful informative, personal and practical introduction to meditation. I really enjoyed meeting the other participants who had also decided to commit to an afternoon where they would allow themselves to take time out of their usual business to sit quietly (although, at times we weren’t too quiet!). Kirsten’s beautiful perfumes and oils helped me, with your guided meditations to experience letting go, stilling the mind and body for a time to feel more reconnected as a whole.  

    Rose Menage
  • We spent a very cosy three hours in Chantal’s beautiful home, nestled in the Perth hills. We were a group of five women. None of us knew each other but that did not matter as Chantal’s warm and inviting manner quickly helped us feel welcomed and at ease. Chantal led us through a series of meditations designed to awaken the senses to draw each of us on an inward path to reconnect with our hearts. The experience was beautiful, peaceful and deeply nurturing. I came away feeling emotionally centred and energetically rejuvenated… like my cup was full and brimming over. Thank you, Chantal, for an exquisite afternoon.  

    Kirsten Hocking Ignite Your Spirit with Fragrance
  • As a teenager I love using Franc Essential because it keeps my skin clean. Without the chemicals. I’ve found it works better than most other products on the market. The only set-back is getting mum over to Franc Essential to buy it! It feels great on your skin and the mist is great when you’re on a plane. It totally refreshes you.

    Jordan S Teen
  • Chantal has created a wonderful environment in which to learn the art of meditation. A space, you take with you, once entered, and a place in which you'll want to return to. A time to share with others in gratitude, surrounded by love, and a support that give you the permission to just be a support that gives you the permission we all need, to just be... To be you. To be happy. To be alive.

    Lauren Clare Kelly
  • Many thanks for creating such a peaceful and serene space that allowed me time to Be…and sharing strategies to allow me to bring this peace into my daily life. Thanks Chantal for a wonderful experience…  

    Kerryn Rose
  • As a teenager I love using Franc Essential because it keeps my skin clean. Without the chemicals. I’ve found it works better than most other products on the market. The only set-back is getting mum over to Franc Essential to buy it! It feels great on your skin and the mist is great when you’re on a plane. It totally refreshes you.

  • I am loving the products! My skin was looking dull this winter, but I am always reluctant to stray from blemish targeting products in fear of a breakout. Within a week of ritually using the Cleanse, Mist and Sensitive moisturiser, my skin not only seems brighter but the texture improved. I am particularly loving the moisturiser – although being thick and creamy it melts into my skin and does not leave a heavy feeling. I have been using the Vital daily and have seen an improvement in my eye area too. This is definitely a product I will be sticking with and can see it coming in handy on long flights! Thank you so much,

    Lauren Gleadell Graphic Designer
  • Coming to Chantal's meditation and creative workshops was a wonderful way to lighten my load of worries and distractions by simply being in a space of trust. My energy would shift and I could move into my day with clarity, positivity and a knowing that everything was going to be alright.  

    Vanessa Safrata Artist and Mother
  • I started Chantal’s workshop because I felt I was so busy with kids, work, etc. I thought they would be a great way of giving myself “me time”. However through the workshops I realised the busyness and pressure I was feeling was mostly in my mind. It now seems simple to fit everything into my day. I haven’t had to change my work life balance, I’ve simply had to incorporate Chantal’s techniques it to my days. I feel much calmer, clearer and I am definitely much more productive.  

    Pip Wynn Owen Childbirth Educator - Birth Savvy & Perth Hypnobirthing
  • Chantal’s Angel Reading session was just what I needed to get me back on track. A very clear path came through for me, guided by Archangel Michael. Unspoken questions were also answered. Some issues I have been struggling with were brought into the light thanks to Chantal’s gentle and intuitive ability. An Angel Oracle reading with Chantal is highly recommended.

    Megan Fraser Artist and Author
  • I have very sensitive skin and was a little unsure of trying something else but needed to. I found Franc Essential skin care range fantastic and my tricky skin has never been better. I love their honesty and professionalism. I LOVE your stuff .Thanks.

    Jackie Ewers Educator Author
  • A huge Thank you to Chantal from Franc Essential for all you have done to support me in my efforts to trek the Kokoda Track in June 2011 raising funds for Breast Cancer Care WA. Not only am I being supported by a fantastic woman but I am also in love with the Franc Essential products.my skin has never looked and felt so good – to have a natural glow (from natural products!) after each time I cleanse, mist and moisturize is just awesome! And thank you for the donation of Cleansers, Moisturises and Mist – every time I use my Franc Essential skincare it takes me back to the beauty and serenity of Ubud, Bali where I first used these products.this no doubt will help keep the spirit alive whilst I slog it out to reach the holy grail of Kokoda!

    Linda Brown A loyal advocate
  • One of the most incredible ladies that has crossed my path-Chantal Vanderhaeghen. And many others. As a burns survivor I have seen her warmth and her dedication when helping others and it is truly inspiring...and instrumental. An unforgettable soul when you meet her. I have experienced her products -Franc Essentials. I have seen the difference in my skin. I thank this lady, not only because of her famous product but mainly because she has a heart that truly shines for all burn survivors and so many others- we love you Chantal-Peter Hughes Burn Foundation. Xox

    Carol Mayer Burn Survivor
  • For quite a few years now I have been trying to use products that are filled with more natural ingredients. I had used Franc before, but it’s only been recently that I have re-discovered them, and I’m so pleased!! The “Serum” was the first product I ever used, and having it again now I wonder why I ever stopped using it!! My skin loves it. “Melt” is proving to be an absolute winner too!! I cycle, and these cold days are a killer on your skin… So for the last few weeks I have been putting this not only on my body, but on my face and neck as well to give them that added protection from drying out. Do yourself a favour!!

    Pene Turner A loyal advocate
  • I recently had the very great honor of receiving a card reading from Chantal. I’ve been struggling with how to put the experience down in mere words. The accuracy and connection was uncanny. During the reading, with Chantal's guidance I was able to tap into a previously blocked power within me and since then all aspects of my life I have experienced a rapid upward change for the better. Chantal has a true gift and an ability to tap into your true potential and to assist you to harness that power. We were both left with goose bumps after my reading. I am still so excited to know my future is going to be amazing. Thank you, Chantal.

    Dee O'Neill
  • Being the mother of the creator of Franc Essential has been an exciting journey and being able to put forward an older person’s point of view, such as encouraging an enriched line for those of us who are of advanced years, not to mention the harsh climate of Australia. Franc Essential satisfies both of these requirements beautifully. And the introduction of the Serum has magical effects for me when I get what I call “crepe paper” cheeks and neck. I can hold this at bay with regular applications of the Serum. After years of using Lancome I was delighted and proud to change to Franc Essential, as it is simple to use with a fresh clear result.

    Helen Vanderhaeghen My mother - my biggest supporter
  • I’ve just completed a series of meditation sessions with Chantal which I really enjoyed.  The sessions were very relaxed; the group was small and the venue delightful.  I really appreciated Chantal’s honesty, openness and the effort she put into making the sessions great with different variations on meditation from very short for those times when you don’t have much time to longer meditations. If you’re ready to start putting some peace and tranquillity into your day but don’t know how, I thoroughly recommend attending Chantal’s meditation sessions.  

    Kris Kern Naturopath
  • Last week end I was encouraged by Chantal to take some time out to refocus I had all the usual reasons why other day to day stuff needed to come first. Chantal gently and firmly restated the value of time out to settle and reconnecting with myself, being in the moment was more important said Chantal and she was right. I am so glad I ,with encouragement took the time to experience the Meditation workshop that Chantal presented at her home last week end. I have been involved with Meditation for many years and recently that afternoon with Chantal s Meditations reconnected me with myself – not is small achievement for one afternoon. I was impressed with the balance of the processes that supported the group throughout the afternoon. Chantal heart felt guided meditations were wonderful, beautifully and professionally presented with huge heart felt connection Big Thanks for the experience. I highly recommend you give yourself a few hours to experience Chantal ‘s Meditation workshop where you are introduced to a range of ways to Meditate so you can find what works best for you. So glad I did ,thanks Chantal.  

    Rozz Synott Brand strategist

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