There is something special about feeling you are enough. Life takes on a whole new dimension.

You feel confident, strong, beautiful and in control of your life.

You know you are ready for a deeper connection with yourself, yet you aren’t sure where to start or how to create it for yourself.

My soulful purpose is to lead you to bridge the gap between who you are right now, to the freedom of being who you want to be.

in the deepest part of me, i had always been searching for a soulful connection to me.

I was yearning to embrace who I am, to know and be at peace with all of me.

There was this gap between the woman I showed to the world and the woman I felt inside. I couldn’t find the bridge to connect the two. This created an inner turmoil that no one could see – even myself at times. I often felt stuck, restricted, unhappy and life felt like plain hard work.

I had all these versions of myself that I did not love and could not embrace. I never felt I was enough. There was something missing. And I simply couldn’t put my finger on it.

The saddest aspect of the way I perceived myself was that I couldn’t see how amazing I am, no matter what people told me. I had lost sight of glorious beautiful divine me.

Until I weaved Reiki and tapping into my life and added meditation classes with mindfulness initially in Perth to my spiritual toolbox.


  • It was quite by chance that I managed to be part of one of Chantal’s workshops and I am tremendously glad I did.  Chantal creates a beautiful safe sharing space where she lets you explore, learn, grow and become. I was able, through her teachings, to see the much bigger picture of what’s going on for me. And piece together, like a jigsaw, things I hadn’t previously thought were connected.  So many ‘aha’ moments for me. She is funny, vulnerable, quirky, knowing and highly intuitive. And the information I have learned has enhanced my life in a very practical way. Thank you Chantal. You are truly a gift to the world. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you.


    Rachel Burrows Davies

  • Thank you for a wonderful time. My goal was to experience Peace and Tranquility and that's exactly what I got. From day one our group just clicked guided by Chantal. I've had such personal growth with wonderful written notes I can refer back to. Each day we were spoilt with a gift and notes for the next day to read up. Our days had a theme and purpose with plenty of downtime to do whatever we wished. I can't praise Chantal highly enough for conducting such a memorable experience for me. With love and gratitude.

    Vaness Smit

  • Wow! What an amazing 5 days this has been for me. It has been an incredible journey and self-transformation for me. And I shared it with the most beautiful women. Coming to this retreat I was really just looking for some relaxation, some 'me' time and hoping to connect with myself a bit more. I didn't really know what I wanted to work on. I felt so blessed and so full of gratitude during my days in Ubud. And a lot of that was because of the natural beauty and feeling of calm that surrounded us, some of that was because of Chantal's teachings. What made it extra special was the contacts with the local people that Chantal had made previously. They all gave their time and generous spirit. Much love to Chantal. Namaste xx

    Nikky Pavey

  • Coming to Chantal's meditation and creative workshops was a wonderful way to lighten my load of worries and distractions by simply being in a space of trust. My energy would shift and I could move into my day with clarity, positivity and a knowing that everything was going to be alright.

    Vanessa Saffrata

  • Many thanks for creating such a peaceful and serene space that allowed me time to Be …and sharing strategies to allow me to bring this peace into my daily life. Thanks Chantal for a wonderful experience.

    Keryn Rose

  • Thank you, Chantal, for a rewarding and special five days in Ubud. The experiences you provided for us have given me special memories. The harmony and easiness within the group was amazing. It was a big thing for us to feel comfortable and safe in the daily meditation circles sharing feelings and thoughts even as we were so vulnerable. I learned so much such as giving and receiving love, self-acceptance. But as the retreat came to a close, I realised that my life is full of abundance and that it's important to count my blessings. I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you to the five girls and especially you, Chantal, for opening up my heart.

    Judith Althorpe

  • On behalf of us 'The Famous Five', we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful retreat here in Bali. What a journey we have all had together. It has been an honour and a great pleasure. Lots of love, hugs and with much gratitude and Joy. Jx Mx Nx Vx Fx

  • I have just left another one of my amazing monthly sessions with Chantal at Thought Clarity. To start with the hospitality is second to none. The setting, the atmosphere and the energy of our meditation space is just perfect. Every single time I leave I am so energised and happy. I feel supported, calm and clear. My regular meditation sessions allow me to be the best mother, wife, friend, and career woman I can be. Thank you to an amazing healer, friend, and mentor for everything she gives me and the community. You are amazing, Chantal.


    Amy Metaxas

  • We spent a very cosy three hours in Chantal’s beautiful home, nestled in the Perth hills. We were a group of five women. None of us knew each other but that did not matter as Chantal’s warm and inviting manner quickly helped us feel welcomed and at ease. Chantal led us through a series of meditations designed to awaken the senses to draw each of us on an inward path to reconnect with our hearts. The experience was beautiful, peaceful and deeply nurturing. I came away feeling emotionally centred and energetically rejuvenated… like my cup was full and brimming over. Thank you, Chantal, for an exquisite afternoon.

    Kirsten Hocking

  • Thank you, Chantal, for having me at the meditation and tapping workshop. I enjoyed learning about all the ways to calm down in a rough situation and it really helps me at school and other times when I am stressed. 

    I especially enjoyed meditating. It felt as if I had been sleeping for three hours!

    I felt so alive.