it is OK not to be busy all of the time

Love this list of 10 Zen daily activities. You will be surprised how easy it is once you have read it. It can feel so daunting trying to find the time to do anything and on top of that differently. Sometimes, it is just easier to stay with what is familiar.

You will find that some of the things you do already. Others you may find be a bit more challenging. What Zen is all about is concentrating on your usual daily tasks, according to Shunryu Suzuki. It is about simplifying your life and having so much more enjoyment as a consequence.

The simple definition of Zen is ‘to be relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change.’ Easy! Right? Why not try some of these today and see what happens in your life? 

10 Zen Daily Activities

  1. One thing at a time and do it completely
    The aim is not to multi-task. Check out this previous blog for more on this topic.
  2. Reduce your to-do list
    It is so easy to keep adding to your list. It becomes never-ending, particularly if you don’t keep completing tasks.
  3. Get moving
    Take time to get out and exercise, dance or move doing your household chores – great cardio and you get another task off your list
  4. Have fun
    We forget to have fun when we are so caught up in doing. What can you do today to have some fun? An ice-cream? A laugh with a friend?
  5. Get creative
    That can mean in anything. I discuss this in detail in this blog. You don’t need to be an artist, painter, writer or a designer for that matter to be mindfully creative.
  6. Find quiet time
    I keep talking about this as I know how beneficial it is to my health. Doing this is one of the most important times of a Zen monks day. They know that by quietening their minds they remain in the present moment taking their focus off their thinking.
  7. Smell the roses – stop rushing
    Stop and breath. Another of my favourites. When you do this you create a great circuit breaker and get to see what is around you – a beautiful flower, a smile, a precious moment.
  8. Create rituals
    It is about giving what you do a sense of importance, even those things you don’t want to do. Take a moment to look at what you do already each and every day, that is when you get up, what you do to get ready for the day when you have your meals. By becoming aware of your daily rituals, you are creating sacred times within the mundane. Here is an idea on creating a morning ritual. Apply this to any area of our life creatively.
  9. Do less
    This ties in with your to-do list. Look at your diary and see what can you let go of. If it is not important and is only filling time, let it go. And if you have some spare time, don’t fill it in!
  10. Give yourself plenty of time
    As there are so many things to do in the day, it is easy to run late. This causes such stress and anxiety. When you adding an appointment to your diary, remember to add time before and after, so you give yourself plenty of time.

These are ideas only. Be creative and produce your own Zen daily activities list.

Smile, breathe and go slowly
Thich Nhat Hanh.


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