Join me for 5 Days of Welcome Your Inner Calm Meditation.

You will begin to unfold and open up to a life of your design.

Gift yourself the time to learn the amazing tool of meditation.

What will you learn?

day one

Stress Release Meditation

Often it isn’t until we sit down we start to realise how stressed we actually are. This is when we realise how much tension we are holding in our body. We have become so used to holding on, feeling tight and on edge.

day two

Grounding Meditation

When your mind is racing and your body buzzing, you are distracted and all over the place. You never quite feel you are on solid ground. Feeling grounded brings you back into the here and now and what is right in front of you. It supports you in your daily life and getting tasks done


day three

Surrender Meditation

Once you have started to release stress and grounded yourself, it is so much easier to surrender and let go. This is what is difficult for so many of us.

day four

Finding Stillness Within

In stillness you find out who you are, what you want and why you are the person you are. Take this important time to listen and be with yourself.

day five

Smiling Meditation

A smile is one of the simplest ideas and actions that can have the most profound effect on your body, mind and soul. We all love a smile. It opens you up to love and joy. Yet, it is so easy to forget to smile.

Join me for 5 Days of Welcome Your Inner Calm Meditation. 

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meet chantal

Chantal’s purpose is to guide women to be all they want to be, by creating balance in their lives through reconnecting them to their hearts and true selves. She is an advocate of change in the way we perceive beauty and ourselves, and a passionate philanthropist.

Through the successful management of her long term, international skin care business, Franc Essential, and under the umbrella brand of Unfold Your Freedom, Chantal has worked with thousands of women to uncover their true beauty and unfold their creativity, desires and joy.

Chantal works with women in a unique, whole person manner, to reconnect them to their original selves in a new way. The process is particularly effective for people who are at an impasse in their lives, who are ready for change, but do not yet know how to create it for themselves. Female entrepreneurs are particularly attracted to Chantal’s work due to her expertise as a successful business woman and her ability to access insights through her unfolding work to cut to the core of an issue.