why acceptance is powerful

Because it changes your perception of yourself and your life. There is no doubt that acceptance is powerful as it creates a different dimension of being. It opens you up to a love and joy that you could not imagine you could feel. When you lead your life holding on to grievances and wrong doings, you miss those special moments. Those moments that make up your life giving it a sense of meaning, purpose and aliveness.

Acceptance is opening your heart to seeing beauty all around you. It frees you from the limitations of your past and the fear of your future. It brings you a sense of ease, peace and effortlessness into your life. There is less judgment for who you are and those around you. You learn to accept people for who they are, even though you don’t like their behaviour. You learn that you can love them from afar without the need to interact. This concept can take a while to sink in. However, when it does it is so freeing. You find a deep sense of peace.

Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t still get hurt or like what is happening. What it does is stop you from ruminating about the person and situation all the time taking up unnecessary rent space in your mind. You begin to see how your thoughts kidnap you taking you away from your one and only beautiful life. Scenarios are being created that aren’t even happening taking you away from your core and happiness. You do your head in for what. A thought is just a thought. As Shakespeare says: there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

acceptance of what is

Acceptance of what is brings you back to nothing is either good or bad. It is what it is. That is the simplicity of it. However, that is also the challenge. To acknowledge, accept, let go and let be. Somehow, you feel by accepting and letting go that it is a sign of giving in, a sign of weakness, and letting the other person get away with it. In fact, it isn’t. Acceptance is a sign of strength, courage and love – love for yourself and love for the other person. And with that comes forgiveness.

As I wrote in my blog about forgiveness, it seems so much easier to hold on to the pain, resentment, self-righteousness and anguish. You feel that by accepting and forgiving you are minimising your experience. All you are doing is holding on to the negativity which eats away at you all the time. It is exhausting. And all this thinking is a waste of time. Your time when you could be enjoying what you have right now.

how to learn to accept

It is the same process I gave you in my forgiveness blog.

  1. name your pain and hurt and by whom (it can also be yourself)
  2. acknowledge that you feel these emotions
  3. accept that you are feeling them
  4. surrender and let go
  5. keep saying the mantra: I accept and let go.

Keep doing this until you feel the pain lessen. It can take time depending on how deep the hurt goes and how much you want to let go. Don’t beat yourself up if you find it hard to let go as it takes time to create a new habit. And that is what you are doing; creating a new way of thinking and being.

All you need to do is get started. One step at a time. Each time you practice acceptance and forgiveness you will feel a shift, even it is minute. What is important is the fact that you have started. Congratulate yourself for that.

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