“If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” Anne Morrow Lindberg (author) Now that I am back from the ether and more able to assimilate my sky diving experience, I am able realise that I did surrender to the moments as they passed and it has enriched me beyond measure.

I was well and truly in the moment each and every step of the way. In fact, there was really no choice unless you wanted to leave your body through fear. And I wanted to experience it all, warts and all, as I doubt I will do it again. In addition, once you are out of the plane the G force gives you no choice. It literally takes your breath away and keeps you present in your body.

I allowed myself to feel all the emotions fully and wholly that I went through as they passed from moment to moment: from excitement to fear to disbelief back to excitement to vulnerability to trust and more. There is no blue print for this and it is your own experience. I had to tell myself this as everyone else was so excited by their jump and want to do it again. And I could think of was thank God it was over.

Thank goodness I did get a video made as it helped bring back certain aspects I had completely blocked out as I was in sensory overload, despite being present. It was odd really.

Having said that being exposed to the elements with nothing separating you from the clouds and the universe is awesome. And there is so much more out there! It gave me a sense of greatness out there and that we are so small in the scheme of things. And that we are also part of the bigger picture. It is the sum of all parts.

In the elements/clouds – nothing separating you from the vastness of our universe.

And of course, being present in your everyday life, chores and all, gives you a far richer life than you an imagine.

Namaste and keep being in the present moment and fully enjoying!