Imagine sitting in a woman’s circle simply being with nowhere to go and nowhere to be but present. Where you can let go of feeling responsible and pressured. No demands are put on you. There is nothing urgent for you to do for anyone else. And you aren’t being pulled in different directions with no time of your own.

that is what a woman’s circle can do for you

When women come together something exceptional is created – a connection to themselves and to the Divine Feminine. In a circle, you get to experience a sense of belonging. You find a safe, warm and loving place where you can be yourself and let your guard down. You will be understood, heard, honoured where you can explore what it means for you to be a woman. A circle allows you to open up and discover how to reconnect to your feminine. And above all, where your presence is more than enough. This is your gift to the circle.

you are more than enough

It’s so easy to get lost in this world of doing. There is no time to be and take time for yourself. What I found over the years for myself was that I had lost sight of my Divine Feminine as I was so busy getting my businesses up and running. I was in my left brain (the masculine) being analytical, practical, logical, and administrative. I had lost sight of the wonderfully creative and feminine side of me as I had pushed it aside to keep my head above water making myself known to the world.

And I simply ran out of energy and had a complete breakdown. I just kept pushing on and on, doing, doing, not listening to all the signs that my body and mind were showing me. Furthermore, I no longer knew how to listen, act and connect with my loving and nurturing feminine side. Despite telling myself I was fine. I will stop soon. Just this one more thing to do.

I had lost sight of how to slow down and take a look at my life that had become totally unmanageable. My life and as a consequence, I, were out of control, No matter what I did (by using my old patterns and mindset) I could not manipulate the situation to my advantage anymore.

My body had run out of steam. No more!! It had finally had enough. If I wasn’t going to listen to it, then it was going to make me. I ended up in hospital not knowing my name, who I was, how to sign the forms and who the nurses were. I was a wreck.

So I had to unlearn all these old patterns. Stop pretending everything was totally cool and depending on old ways of being which simply were not working, I had to get on with making vital changes to my way of life. One way was to learn to meditate and tap. And the other was being around women.

a woman’s circle feels like coming home

When I stepped into my first circle I felt I had arrived. At the time I didn’t exactly know what that meant. All I knew was that it felt right in my heart. Yes, there was some trepidation as this was something new. How would I be, who were these women, what was expected of me, did I have to perform, or say anything? I was desperate for change, for connection, for conversation, for support and all without judgement.

I knew I was missing something in my life. A part of me was missing and feeling lost. To the outer world, I had so much: a lovely home, a great business, freedom, and travel. Yet it didn’t feel enough. I still felt unfulfilled and empty. It was confusing, to say the least. And I didn’t know who to turn to.

Yes, I had wonderful friends who had their own issues in their lives to deal with. We would have great chats, but there was nothing continuous or to look forward to. Furthermore, I didn’t want to keep phoning them and interrupting their lives. Typical for a lot of us. We find it easier to give than ask for help and receive.

a place for you to connect and not feel alone

It has been life-changing for me. And that is why I now hold my own circles to give you what was given to me. Despite there being challenges and at times it has been painful to work through old stories, patterns, and self-perceptions, I love who I am. I was able to bridge the gap between who I was and didn’t particularly like, to who I am now.

Sitting in a circle with other beautiful women, you begin to shift how you see yourself. There is space for you to be you where you don’t feel judged, put upon, or criticised. There is a lot of love in the room, warmth, kindness, understanding and empathy. It’s nurturing and nourishing. I felt I was in one big hug I felt so embraced and held in the space. I could finally let go of my pretences and facades. And be me. All of me.

In a circle, you are guided back to your femininity, wisdom and power. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a woman feeling and standing in her power and confidence. As it’s such an important step to being you I created a lovely 5-day email series based on the 3rd chakra, Solar Plexus,  Unfold Your Power. It’s full of juicy tips on how to tap into yours.

you own your own story and begin to love yourself

When you feel safe to talk about your fears, concerns, and anxieties you begin to own your own stories. You see them for what they are: stories to be let go of. They are the past and you no longer want them to hold you back from leading a full, loving and joyful life. You are able to not only give to the other women in the group, but also to yourself. Halleluyah! There is so much knowledge, wisdom and experience stored in us that we need to share and impart it to others. We have so much to offer each other.

you begin to unfold your heart and soul

We all have the pleasure of watching each other open up, like a beautiful flower. It’s wonderful witnessing each other beginning to unfold our hearts and souls. We honour ourselves, each other and our ancestors: our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and great aunts. In a circle, we don’t give up on each other or ourselves. We may want to. However, our sisters will lovingly hold us in the space until we feel ready to carry on. And there is also the freedom to not return.

I have loved over the years watching women and myself connecting to our inner feminine; creating balance and harmony in our lives now being able to be as well as do; standing tall and confident each time we step out the door; knowing when to withdraw which is healing and when to keep going.

That has been one of my biggest lessons: knowing when to hit the pause button, curl up and withdraw from the world without feeling guilty or selfish. What I found was that I came back stronger than ever full of life and vitality. I no longer felt disconnected lost in the sea of life. Instead of constantly swimming upstream, I have now found my river and surrender to its current and natural flow. Have you found yours?

‘A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform’.
Diane Mariechild

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