Benefits of Akashic Readings


The benefits of Akashic Readings are numerous and personal. However, I have summarised five that have stood out after working with clients.

Trust and faith in the benefits of Akashic Readings

What I love about reading in the light of the Akasha is you get to know yourself and discover information about yourself that you had ‘forgotten’. As mentioned in my previous blog on ‘What are Akashic Records’ is that we get to explore and find out what is keeping us safe, small, and secure in the familiar. Having readings help us create new experiences in our daily lives. They help us rewrite our present scripts which is exciting and freeing.

The most important part is not to get caught up in what comes up. It is about trusting that you will receive whatever you are meant to receive or experience you will. This can be counterintuitive in our logical and goal setting society. Plus we get so excited to receive a certain outcome. Then get disappointed when it isn’t what we expected. Sometimes it will take time to work out what it all meant. This is where trust and faith come in.

For instance here is a perfect example of what I mean.

I had an opportunity to have an Akashic Record reading with Chantal. And I have to say, I wasn’t happy with the answer my guides were giving me! Yet, as Chantal guided me to breathe into what I was feeling, I knew the answer was to rest in this liminal space. I had to trust that something new was coming my way. Now that a couple of days have passed, I find myself leaning into the soft space of surrender.  Trusting the whispers of my soul.  And yes, I now see why I wasn’t ready to receive the guidance I had asked for.  Chantal has a gift of tuning into your records and holding space for anything that may arise within your heart and soul and then guiding you back to centre. Tracey Swainson

Then a few days later I received a message stating in meditation she had received another healing from her guides in the records. She was given a glimpse of what may be coming forward in time.  But she needed to do the work first and so she realised she needed to trust their divine wisdom and will be patient.

Above all patience is the key that so many of us don’t have because through technology as can get things immediately. I know for one I haven’t in the past and it is an ongoing process for me. However, I know when I am patient amazing things happen.

The list of 5 benefits

Here are the first three benefits of Akashic Readings that stand out for me:

  1. You get to find out your life’s purpose
    So many of us go throughout our lives not really knowing our life’s purpose. Making do out of fear, doubt, insecurity, and not knowing how. We have been told that something we want to do is not possible, won’t bring in a decent income, you can’t do that. And so on. Having a reading will support you in finding out what it is you really want from your one and only life.
  2. What lessons you are here to learn with your natural gifts, talents and abilities.
    From a young age, we are taught not to gloat and be proud of who we are and what we are naturally good at. Furthermore, a comment from that one person can set us back for life stopping us from doing something we really loved. For me, it was a primary school art teacher. Only now 45 years later have I started being creative and am loving it. In addition, I am good at it. The learning becomes how to let go and step into ourselves fully by letting go of these old stories and perceptions. So freeing!
  3. Why you may be having money and health issues explaining why you have certain experiences in your life.
    This is so empowering for me because it finally gave me some answers, in addition to the therapy work I had been doing around money and health. When you go into the record you can have a conversation with whatever your issue is and be surprised by what comes up. Insightful indeed!


    The next 2

  4. Why you are feeling stuck, how to get unstuck and what you need to do to move forward in your life.
    There are times you simply don’t know what to do next. No matter what you are doing isn’t taking you any further. This is where a reading can give you information to support you in moving again. It gives you ideas and food for thought where you can take action or release a long-held belief. Freeing!
  5. What action to take to align your Soul’s purpose now.
    This is the exciting part. You get to put into action what has come through without hesitation knowing this is what you are meant to be doing. What I have found this where I have needed the extra support from a professional fo show me what is blocking me from taking full action.

Closing words

In conclusion, the benefits of Akashic readings in all areas of your life are boundless. You will find you will experience your own as each person brings their own unique personality to the readings.

Moreover having a reading helps you become UNBOUND from attachment to stories, emotions, thoughts, traumas and circumstances so you can live your present life to the fullest and in your own way.

In my next blog, I will be sharing my own experience as I was blown away.

Love for you to share this with anyone you think would love to know more about Akashic Records. And leave a comment with your thoughts as there is always more we can learn from each other.

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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive psychotherapist and Reiki master who appreciates walking alongside women willing to take the courageous steps to dare to love themselves after a life-changing experience, specialising in women with unplanned childlessness coming to a place of freedom knowing they are creating their lives in their own way. She lives with her talented partner in the Perth Hills and can be found online when she’s not communing with nature and reading a good novel eating chocolate. She can be found online at



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