How true is this: ”action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not a mere rushing on” (D H Lawrence)

benefits of stillness

I made a point this year to achieve far more stillness in my life than ever before. It took a bit of doing and I had thought I would only do this for a couple of months. HaHa! The universe had other things in mind for me.

At first, I seriously felt uncomfortable withdrawing from the world into more and more stillness in my daily life. This was not a familiar place for me to be in. The ego really stepped in with all the ‘shoulda’ be doing this or that or whatever else it could think of. Talking and being out there had been a big part of my life. This is how I had always operated in this world. And it was a difficult habit to break.

8 powerful benefits

This is what I discovered again:

  1. A boost in my energy levels. Instead of feeling tired or lethargic, I am able to bounce through my day full of vitality.
  2. Increased sense of calm in my daily life. Instead of feeling as agitated, I feel beautifully calm.
  3. A sense of happiness. Each day, I feel happy and full of joy for the day ahead. This, in turn, has created more laughter and lightheartedness, despite the pressures around me.
  4. A relaxed face and body. As a consequence, the muscles in my body and face are soft with less strain. Furthermore, this gives my face a more youthful look with a wonderful glow. Happiness literally shines out from my heart.
  5. A rippling effect. When you are happy, so are others around you. It is contagious and attractive. And it is inspirational.
  6. Improved health benefits. Sitting in silence soothes your nervous system. I find I as less on edge, fidgety, and distracted. My moods have improved as have my bodily functions. And I sleep so well now which of course, affects my decision making, memory, concentration, and retention of information. I feel rested and clear.
  7. Improved confidence. When you are tired, busy and overwhelmed, it leaves you feeling vulnerable and strung out. You start making mistakes and forgetting things. What I have found is by taking the time each day to still in stillness, I am able to create space in my mind to achieve what I want boosting my self-confidence.
  8. Connection to Self. This to me is the most one important one of all. It is wonderful when you can get a sense of who you are. It takes time to let go, accept the past and things you can’t change. You begin to understand who you are, why, and what you can do about it. It gives you a chance to see what you need to let go of to be who you want to be. Slowly you begin to connect to your true self as you step away from your past and its hold on you. Freedom!

it takes time and courage

I found being still was not easy at first. There was a lot of self-talk happening full of self-criticism that I was being self-indulgent, self-serving, selfish, etc. However, the more I sat in silence and really tapped into who I am, I realised the more I loved being in this place. I felt so much calmer, made wiser decisions in my personal and professional life, felt true love and joy in my heart. And above felt real, this is me.

It is such a relief to no longer buy into this rushing around that is going on in our world. I do feel it gives a sense of self-importance and in the eyes of the other. Therefore, we lose sight of ourselves, who we are and what we want in life.

No matter, where you are, take regular time out for stillness. That can be for a moment, minutes, hours or even days (haven’t had the courage to do that yet!). Hide in the toilet, get up and make a cuppa, or sit in your sacred space (click on this link to receive your gorgeous free ebook on how to create your space), withdraw into yourself when on the bus or plane. What is important is that you connect to your stillness each and every day.

Take the time to listen to my Mindful Monday guided meditation on finding your stillness.

Namaste, from my stillness to your stillness.

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