Body scan meditation as a connector to your body

There are so many body scan meditation benefits. Sitting scanning your body mindfully is a wonderful way to connect to your body’s wisdom. It gives you the opportunity to begin to understand where you hold your stress and anxiety and how your body responds. Furthermore, it not only has a calming effect on your busy mind, but it also relaxes you.

what is a body scan meditation all about

When you take the time to tune into your body, this gives you the chance to sense and understand the moment-to-moment sensations in your body. You begin to experience how your body responds to various situations in your life. And that is powerful as it supports you in how you want to be in your life. Once you get to understand your body’s intelligence and its signs, you can learn how to work with your body’s messages and respond accordingly.

Your body tells you all the time how it is feeling, hurting or paining. And it is ignored and pushed aside as you allow your head to dictate and drive you all the time. Somehow, this has become a badge of honour in this world. Being busy gives us kudos and self-importance. What other people think becomes more important than the wisdom of our bodies. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way twice with a total nervous breakdown the first time as I had simply ran out of energy. The second time I ended up in Bali for a month in my sarong reading my kindle wondering how on earth had I ended up here yet again. So, I wrote a blog what meditation can do for you‘ sharing some of my experience.

physical feelings you may experience

Once you start to scan your body on a regular basis, you will notice that each time what you sense will be different. Like in life, nothing stays the same. It is all transitory and impermanent. There is such a need for control the busier life gets. It seems so much easier to hold on tight to what you know, rather than understanding the impermanence of life and going with the flow of constant change which is life.

Each time you will experience different sensations with varied intensity. You may experience some of the following as pleasant or unpleasant:

  • niggling aches and pain
  • stiffness
  • tingling
  • itching
  • lightness
  • numbness or throbbing
  • heaviness
  • tension and tightness
  • warmth or cold

body scan meditation benefits

The more you practice body scan meditation, the more you will release those sensations from your body. You will begin to listen to you body and start to take positive action, rather than ignoring it. You will find that you move more easily and are less effected by the arising emotions. As you change your relationship with your body, you will connect more and more to its inner wisdom. You learn to give your full attention to these signs, noticing and listen to what you are feeling. This gives you the power of choice to make positive changes that support your body, rather than ignoring and being deaf to vital signs it is sending you.

The emotional benefits of this is that you begin to feel confident, strong, empowered and in control of your life. You feel healthy and full of life. There is more joy, happiness, love, and vitality in all that you do. This is turn will affect those around you as they will notice you radiating vitality and positivity. And there is nothing better than that.

If you have never done a body scan meditation before or you are wanting a top up, click here to listen to a short one to get you started. Remember it takes commitment and practice to feel the full body scan meditation benefits. I trust you begin to get as much out this practice as I have.


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