Are you the person you know you can be?

Rediscover your power and allow yourself to shine.

You are at the point in your life where you are not quite sure where to go from here. You are wanting to steady the waters around you and you are unsure how. It can feel lonely, isolating and embarrassing talking to your friends, family or colleagues about it all as you feel you should be on top of it all and moved on from any life’s challenges you may have had.

Yet, something is lingering. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is. You are being told how well you look and how wonderful life is for you. And you aren’t feeling this. On the surface, it all looks good.

You keep up appearances.

And underneath you are paddling like mad getting nowhere.

Nothing has worked up until now. Who do you turn to? Where do you find help? Who do you trust?

Because you have come to a cross road, wanting change and needing guidance to do so.

You are wanting someone to walk part of this path with you. Someone who can gently guide you out of these murky waters. Someone who has also experienced their own ups and downs in their lives and has been able to get through to lead a fulfilling life.

The purpose of this programme is to lead you to bridge the gap between where you are right now, to the freedom to be where and who you want to be. Making a commitment to yourself can be scary, let alone making a commitment to someone else, particularly when sharing your vulnerability and pain. It takes courage to do so and to open yourself up to change. You need to feel sure that you are working with someone you connect with, you feel safe with to be able to let go and free yourself from whatever you feel is holding you back.

Why 3 months?

Why is the one on one healing programme 3 months long?

Giving yourself 3 months with me creates the space to be present, to find out what is holding you

back, and to introduce a different way of thinking and being. You will discover your power and begin

to unfold to lead your life the way you want to, according to your values and beliefs.

You will:

Rediscover the power you were born with to take real responsibility for your own life including connecting to your core wound and healing it.