How many of us really celebrate wins? We know how to celebrate big wins, birthdays, festive seasons, and milestones.

And do we celebrate all those little life-changing wins along the way?

What made me think of this was talking to a few clients these last few days. Interestingly enough this seemed to be the theme. And a wonderful reminder for me as well.

It is such a powerful thing to do as we go through life being so busy that we do not stop and take the time to acknowledge ourselves. And as one of my clients said was that she had an easy life compared to others and felt she had not really achieved much.


When we delved deeper into the session, she came to realise that yes, she had pulled through some tough times. One, in particular, this year. It took courage and strength to get through the challenge she was facing for herself and her daughter. It never occurred to her to acknowledge what it took to do so: resilience, determination, self-confidence, remaining firm and not taking on the others ‘shit’.

Not easy to do. It would have been so easy to blame, attack, feel sorry for herself, and to remain angry and resentful. A celebration right there. This gave her the impetus to look at where else had she had wins she hadn’t acknowledged and celebrated.

Her face lit up with all those special moments she was going to turn into wins. Priceless. It changed her whole perception of her life. Yes, on the one hand, she did feel a failure still. However, she now knew how she could change that around. So simple. Yet, not always easy to do.

what wins can you celebrate?

This gives us all food for thought. What wins, moments, experiences and challenges can you celebrate, no matter how small?

For me, there are two I can think of right now: a small one win: getting out of bed into the shower and getting dressed when I was in such physical, emotional and mental pain after a car accident. It would have been easier to stay in bed under the duvet (and I did do that as well) as I felt so awful.

It was my coach who pointed this out to me. That this was to be celebrated. It hadn’t even occurred to me that was something to honour and to see as a positive. It was a major step forward from where I had been and for my recovery. All I could see was that I wasn’t out and about like I used to be and others were. There was the comparison my client was experiencing. I felt a total failure. Now, I love jumping out of bed to face the day and see what it brings me.

The second one is a big one win: celebrating the fact that I did jump out of a plane. It took courage not to give in to my fears as deep down I knew I was safe. And that the handsome tandem diver wanted to land as well alive and well for his next person. However, all I wanted to do was turn around and get out of the plane before it took off. My heart was thumping, my hands were sweaty and at the same time, I was excited. I was doing this, even though it had never been on my bucket list.

And as you can see from the photo, I celebrated. That was another life-changing moment. And not necessarily one I would do again.

Time to celebrate

Why not sit for a moment right now, take a deep breath and think of something you can celebrate immediately. When you have time get a pen and paper and start writing them down. Let me know what you come up with and how you are going to celebrate. Comment here or on Unfold Your Freedom’s face book page.

Happy celebration of those special moments and wins.

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