How did chakras bring my dreams to life?

Having ‘tried’ to visualise and create vision boards with varying success for years, I needed to find a way to breakthrough my resistance. It was not happening for me and I felt a failure. No matter how much I looked at the board and created affirmations to go with it, I was not manifesting exactly what I wanted in my life.

And then there it was. I was introduced to the power of chakras, their meanings and their effect on our lives. This was an insightful and liberating experience to help me create the life I wanted. And further more I got to see what was holding me back as I worked through each one.

I had dabbled with chakras for a while leading up to this without fully appreciating their potency in our lives. It was such a life changing experience that I now want to share this with you when we work together on visualising and designing your creative visual boards so you can manifest all that you want.

Here is a summary of each chakra to give you an idea of what they are all about. You may find that you resonate with one or all. As you read each one give yourself a moment to see how it could be affecting your life. And get excited about finding a new way to get you the life you desire.

Let’s get you started.

Simply put, chakras are seven main energy wheels located along our spine starting at the base through to the crown. When these are balanced we feel vital, alive and energised. Our life flows beautifully. However, when they are either overactive or deficient, we feel out of sorts.

When you are wanting to bring your idea into physical being you work down the chakras and look at what could hold you back from bringing it into form. And then you do the same when you work back up to see what is potentially limiting you from actually getting your idea out into the world.

To start with, I will give a synopsis of how the chakras work to manifest. And in the next blog, I will discuss how they work to release you.

Chakra Seven
crown: you get a though, an idea, inspiration

Chakra Six
third eye: you begin to visualise your idea in detail

Chakra Five
throat: you start to communicate your idea to others

Chakra Four
heart: you create relationships to support your idea

Chakra Three
solar plexus: you connect to your willpower and confidence to take the necessary action

Chakra Two
sacral: you connect to your motivation to create action alongside keeping in touch with your passion

Chakra One
root: you create goals and tasks to be able to fulfil your dreams and all the commitments that go with it.

Enjoy the magic of these chakras and how they will awaken you into a whole new way of being.

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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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