Before you start your meditation practice it’s important to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Of course, depending on where you are that simply may not be possible. It’s hard enough to focus when you are learning to meditate. You don’t need any more distractions than you already have.

Some common distractions

Falling asleep

If your body is needing sleep you will fall asleep. I did for my first year. I went with the flow and need of my body as I realised that I had pushed my gorgeous body for so long that it needed rest and to zone out completely.

Needing to itch

Why is it when you sit down to meditate, you find a spot to itch. As best as you can don’t react to the urge. This will take you away from your centre and the stillness you are creating.


Eliminate as much noise as possible. You’ll always hear something: the fridge humming, a car driving past, a blaring horn, a train or bus rumbling by, or voices. Initially, these will frustrate you. However, a period of time you want be aware of them. They will simply be a noise.


It’s only when you sit down without noise around you, do you hear your constant and busy mental chatter. It’s exhausting, time-consuming and tiring. When you get to know your thoughts you get to see how many are simply time fillers and irrelevant.

Constantly fidgeting

Take the time to find the best posture for you. This will stop you from fidgeting and squirming around to make yourself comfortable.


Wear loose and comfortable clothing where possible. You’ll soon realise how uncomfortable your clothes are when you are still.


If you have long hair keep it off your face. There is nothing more annoying than a strand of hair tickling your face.

Reading glasses

Remove them if you wear them. If they drop down your nose, you’ll constantly be pushing them back up. Distracting!


Ask your loved ones to give you a few minutes to yourself. A little one always seems to know when Mum wants time for herself. Or your partner wants something right then and there.


Make sure your pets are outside or somewhere where they can’t disturb you for a rub on the stomach or want to sit on your lap (or head as the case may be).


Lack of motivation can also be a distraction. It means you don’t want to sit in discomfort and have time on your own.

Switch off phones, TV’s, and radios

Turn off or silence all devices. You don’t want to become distracted hearing a call come through or listening to music you either love or dislike.


Deal with anything important. If you have started a conversation via text either finish it before you start your meditation practice or turn your mobile on to silent so you don’t hear the response coming through.

Empty your bladder

There is nothing more distracting than having to go to the toilet. All you then focus on is the need to go and urgently.

Be patient

Above all be patient and gentle with yourself, to begin with. Don’t let these distractions put you off. Many of them may be unavoidable. It’s about going inward and being present, despite the noise and distractions around you.

Over a period of time, you’ll find that you are more sensitive to distractions as you quieten your mind. However, they are no longer considered distractions. They are simply part of the practice.

If you wish to learn more, I’ve created an online Unfold Your Meditation course, with you in mind. It has been designed in such a way that you can dive straight in and meditate or take your time and learn all about meditation and mindfulness. It’s accessible to you at all times so you can learn at your leisure.

A recent student that I had the pleasure of working with said:

‘I know booking to come to your workshop meant that from the beginning I was making a commitment to do something positive for my health and well-being. It was a really embracing atmosphere and you gave a wonderfully informative, personal and practical introduction to meditation. I really enjoyed your guided meditations giving me the experience of being able to let go and still the mind and body for a time to feel more reconnected as a whole.’
Rosemary Menage

From my mindful Soul to your mindful Soul.

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