connecting to your body guided meditation

connecting to your body

Enjoy this quiet time you are creating to connect to your body through your breath. Feel yourself letting go and relaxing with each breath going deeper and deeper into stillness.

With each inhalation breathe into a section of your body starting from the head down to calm you, from the feet up to re-energise you. As you exhale let go and relax. As you do so connect to any sensations you may be feeling.

  • Head: scalp, forehead, face, jaw – softening
  • Neck and shoulders
  • Whole your left arm and hands, whole of your right arm and hands – releasing
  • Chest and upper back – expanding and contracting with each breath
  • Diaphragm and mid back – feeling the lungs filling and emptying with each breath
  • The abdomen and lower back – feeling it swelling and subsiding as you breathe
  • Hips, legs and feet – connecting your upper body with your lower body
    focussing on the whole of your left leg and foot, the whole of your right leg and foot
  • Take one big breath and connect to the whole of your body

Tip: use one breath per body section or for a longer session, use 3 – 7 breaths to give each section a change to relax and soften even further.

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