When you take the time to sit down and observe your thoughts, you will be surprised at how controlling your thoughts are.

what does controlling your thoughts mean for you?

Firstly, let’s look at the meaning of thoughts: it is an idea or opinion produced by thinking; an idea or mental picture, imagined and contemplated (dictionary’s definition). What you don’t realise is that thoughts are in fact illusions. Thoughts allow you to make sense of your world in all sorts of different ways. Furthermore, they help you to represent or interpret your lives in ways that are significant to you and you only.

However, thoughts are intrusions in your everyday life. As you are unaware at how controlling your thoughts are, you aren’t conscious of how they affect your peace and calm in so many ways. And mostly in negative ways, until we learn to how to harness them. This stream of chatter you constantly have in your mind is continually reinforcing how you see yourself. Controlling thoughts affect your sense of self and opinions you hold about yourself and others. In fact, you don’t even realise how your thoughts don’t even represent how you actually are. They have taken on a life of their own from all your past experiences and beliefs dumped on you by others that you have made your own.

thought is just a thought

Sit down and think when was the last time you had a thought that did not veer off on a course that actually had nothing to do with what was happening right at that moment the thought occurred. By sitting down you have a chance to observe your thoughts. Then you are able to begin to tame them and reign them in. Being still gives you a chance to not get caught up in your thoughts giving them all this unnecessary emotion and energy that is exhausting. You learn to relax and let go. You begin to enjoy your life more and above all, to appreciate yourself and your surroundings. Time is taken to smell the roses and all those precious moments that make up your life.

When you are so closely aligned with your internal chatter, you think you are the only ones who are going through a rough time, have low self-esteem, nothing works for me, if only they knew what I am really like, etc. It can eat you up alive and bring you to the point that you are only surviving in your life. Life is not enjoyable and fun. Your thinking is compulsive and it takes time and effort to break the habit. It is like breaking the habit of continuously doing.

thought is an illusion

This brings me back to what is a thought? It is an illusion; not solid; forever changing, and it is intangible. Thoughts take us away from our centre, from our hearts, and from clarity. What you begin to see is that you fill the void with fantasy, nonsense and trivia when there is nothing substantial and worthwhile to think about. It is like your days: they are filled up for the sake of filling them up. They are used as a distraction and avoidance of what you are actually feeling, particularly if it is uncomfortable. Then you end up wondering where your day went and what did you achieve.

See how controlling your thought is so important in your life. It brings you back to life full of vitality, confidence and joy. You have been able to disconnect from those negative thoughts and connect back to your core. Your thoughts take on a whole different meaning and no longer kidnap your mind. The more you sit with your thoughts, the more you see how you interpret them and what meaning you put on them.

Take a moment now to take a couple of deep breaths to bring you back into the present moment. And relax. Relax into your thoughts by naming each one, acknowledging you are having this thought, accepting it and then letting it go as you exhale. The more you do this, the freer you will begin to feel. Listen to my Mindful Monday guided meditation to help you along the way and to see how you can implement this into your life.

nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so (Shakespeare).

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