do you desire a deeper sense of peace and joy?
do you feel you are missing out on being part of your life?

My tapping and meditation courses are overflowing with my years of knowledge, skill and information along with the experience of the topic.

When you finish, you will have invaluable material to continue your learning in your own time at your own pace. You return to your world with a lightness of being, combined with feeling confident to utilise all you’ve learned to use anywhere, at any time.

That is their power. It is much more than meditation and tapping. It is gaining lifestyle skills with a big dose of love, joy, happiness, and feeling free with a spring in your step.

the power of learning this way

means you don’t just have the experience, you take skills to apply to change your very lifestyle.

unfold your meditation 

In this Unfold Your Meditation course you will find out why it is invaluable to bring meditation and mindfulness into your busy life. You will connect to an inner stillness that you didn’t know you had. It is all there within. It simply needs to be tapped into

unfold your tapping

In this Unfolding Tapping course you will find out why it’s invaluable to introduce tapping into your life. You will literally tap into an inner confidence and confidence you didn’t know you had.

It is there within. It simply needs to be tapped into.

mindful living – mindful being

Mindful Living Mindful Being will teach you how to tap into joy and happiness easing your anxiety and stress. There will be more and more moments of laughter and fun as you become familiar with these techniques infused with a wonderful sense of peace and calm.

Do make the time and commitment to yourself to implement this programme into your life. You hold all the power to make it happen for yourself. It’s time to tap back into what you really need.