Creative visualisation is about connecting to your creativity, your intuition, and your Spirit. When you feel creative and inspired you are connected to your Spirit. This is where it all happens.

When you sit in faith rather than in fear you open yourself up to being supported by the energy around you and in you. Fear closes you down. It holds you back. It stymies any creative juices from flowing in any area of your life.

What we believe is what will come to pass. Enjoy this meditation linking you to Source and opening yourself to your higher self.


Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from this meditation.

meet chantal

Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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