being creative

Take a moment to think about this: creativity and you. Like me, I am sure most of you just can’t relate to this. You are unable to associate and connect the two words to you.

For many years I believed I wasn’t creative at all. Well, not in the artistic sense. And that came from a childhood experience I wrote about in a previous blog. I was restricted and uptight about even putting pencil to paper, in case I got it wrong.

Over the years, I have come to realise that there are so many different ways to be creative. You don’t need to be an artist or writer or a poet. It can be how you dress, how you decorate your home, set your table, or present your delicious food. That was such an eye opener for me as I love putting bright colours together with different patterns when I dress. It is such fun and makes me feel so ‘creative’.

Now I am translating this to actual art. I have had to overcome so many fears and obstacles, it is not funny. And I can still have my moments. However, when I get my head in the right place, I lose myself for a few hours painting a ‘masterpiece’. I end up on such a high and so proud of myself.

Creative workshops

This is why I have created these creative workshops (this has also been a creative process for me) to give you the opportunity to open up to your hidden creativity. You are all creatives. It is just some do it and others, like us, don’t. You find every excuse under the sun, rather than make ourselves vulnerable and open to potential criticism. That is too hard to bear.

By holding yourself back, the world is missing out on something precious – another way of looking at things. It is about having the courage to be different. To express yourself the way you want. And yes, you can be judged and criticised. That is part of human nature. That is part of life. And really it says more about the other person than you.

Time to let go and surrender yourself

What you will find is that creativity takes you out of the everydayness of life. It transports you into another world. You lose sight of time, problems, and whatever is going on around you. It is uplifting and energising. It is to be celebrated. Being creative takes you out of your daily grind. It is so much fun to see something come alive right in front of you. When you abandon yourself to the creative process, you will surprise yourself with what appears on your board.

‘I felt an amazing sense of comfort whilst doing of workshop and peace on completing it’.

When you feel safe, you will be able to surrender and abandon yourself to the process. You will be able to transcend your own limitations, beliefs, and restrictions. It is like a light bulb goes off inside of you. You feel yourself opening and blossoming. It is exciting. And I love watching that happen.

It is about being able to express yourself with spontaneity. And beginning to see new solutions to problems that you never thought about. You touch on your soul. You learn how to become more creative in how your respond to people and situations in your life.

‘…. about acceptance of who I am and having a belief in myself and an understanding of a
little bit more about where I am and why I am feeling ….’

Overcoming obstacles and perfection

I have created a unique process in my creative board workshop to support you in unfolding your dreams. It has been a fun and challenging process for me, too, as I have also had to look at all sorts of blocks and fears. And the pull to create this was greater than me. Thank goodness. Let’s unfold together. I will be with you all the way as you will be there teaching me, too. Giving me lots to think about. A togetherness is created that supports us all to be vulnerable and raw. It is not about perfection. It is about being real.

Through the use of chakras, crystals, essential oils and meditation, I will take you on a journey you will not forget. I will hold you in the space as I push you to step out of your comfort zone. Remember, I have been there and still can be.

Here’s to creativity and having fun in the process.

meet chantal

Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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