Daydreaming is the excitement of living. It brings you such joy. And takes you back to your childhood.

Daydreaming connects you to your soul

What I love about daydreaming, is that it takes you out of your everyday life. It gives you a chance to dream. And dream big. 

You can dream about things that you wouldn’t normally even think about. It takes you into a fantasy world. One where anything and everything is possible.

You imagine all sorts of things coming to pass. Big and small. It’s a place where you allow yourself to believe and feel anything is possible.

Yet, how many of us actually take the time to daydream?

I know for me, I used to think it was a waste of time. I had too many things to do. Places to be. In addition, I didn’t believe it was the best use of my time.

How things can change. And what helped me? Meditation.

how meditation helped my daydreaming

As Gloria Steinem once said, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

For many years I did find it difficult to daydream. I always considered myself a practical person without a shred of creativity in me due to a childhood experience.

As a consequence, I was also disconnected from my soul. From my soul’s calling. Daydreaming was the furthest thing from my mind.

Even when I started to learn how to meditate, it took me a few years to realise that this is a form of daydreaming. And it is fun.

When you daydream there are no boundaries. You can go wild with your dreams. Furthermore, no one needs to know what you are dreaming.

What stops you from daydreaming?

Yourself. It’s that simple.

Your self-imposed limitations. Feeling you are not doing it right. That it’s not possible. It’s silly. It’s childish.

As a child, we never questioned ourselves. We would simply do. Create. Have fun. See joy in so many things. All those little things that we miss out on in adulthood when we are busy adulting.

Daydreaming is the gateway to creativity. To problem-solving. To self-realisation.

For me, it was a game changer. I tapped into a part of me that was lying dormant. A part of me that I didn’t even know existed. That precious part of me that was quashed in childhood.

Even now, I can still have doubts about my creativity. About connecting to my soul where all this amazingness sits.

The difference now is that I know I can tap into it again through sitting quietlly and daydreaming.

Daydreaming opens your eyes, your Soul’s eyes, to seeing the world in a whole new way. It lights you up. Brings you joy. Gives you a whole different perspective of you, your life and what you can achieve.

It gives you a sense of freedom. Unshackles you from your stories and rigidity in life. It takes you into a childlike state that is enchanting. Fun. And playful.

How meditation helps you

When you sit quietly and allow your mind to wander, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Initially, there will be negativity, doubt, resistance, blankness and a sense of wasting your time.

However, keep at it as it’s such a great way to find inspiration. Find solutions to problems. See things in a different way. Daydreaming sparks new ideas. New ways of looking at your life. Who you are and what you are doing.

And you can simply be without pressure, no demands, or noise.

Noise blocks your Soul connection. It is a distraction. And exhausting. It pulls you in all directions giving you no space to be with yourself. Your ideas. Your dreams.

Whilst meditating you find peace. Calm. Solace. I have a beautiful sacred space that I go to in times of need. When I need time to think. Create. Find peace. And to have a break from it all.

To allow myself to connect to my Soul. To allow my thoughts to be and wander without attachment. Without agenda. Without the need to know. The need to hold on.

Each time I’m delightfully amazed at what can transpire. Sometimes I have great moments of insight. Other times, I simply am.

At times there is clarity. Sometimes there is nothing. Simply a time to be, rejuvenate and collect my thoughts and energies.

You can daydream anywhere anytime

In conclusion, you can daydream at any time in your day (as long as you are safe, ie not driving!). You can be looking out the window whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Whilst under the shower enjoying the warmth of the water soothing your body. In a bath with your favourite essential oils. Whilst walking in nature. At the beach. In the woods. Painting. Writing. Dancing. Listening to music.

There are endless possibilities. Only you can determine how far you want to go. How big you want to dream.

All you need to do is start. And why not now?

Here’s a guided meditation to get you in the zone. And if you want to know more how to create your own soulful space, click on this link.

‘Daydream, imagine and reflect. It’s the source of infinite creativity.’
Deepak Chopra

Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from these ideas. And leave a comment with your thoughts. As there is always more we can learn from each other.

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