What does this mean defining your Values? And why are they invaluable to you and how you lead your life?

values serve as a compass in your life

By finding words or values that are meaningful to you have a major impact on your life.  They are things that you believe are important in the way you want to be and live. They complete your life and make you feel whole. When your values and your decisions are in alignment your life takes on a whole new meaning: one of flow, congruency, consistency, and confidence. When they don’t you tend to feel off centre and something deep inside feels wrong.

Values influence and determine
your behaviour
your attitude towards life
how you lead your life
and what decisions you make

When you know what your values are your start making decisions accordingly. Does this fit with what is right for me? Is this what I want? Am I honouring myself when I make this decision? Or am I making do and trying to please others?

At first, you will need to sort the wheat from the chaff as most of your values may have been imposed on you. Look back over the years and see what made you feel good, what didn’t and how did you feel. Did you feel happy, proud, confident?  Was there more ease in your life? Did you feel purposeful and strong? Was there a smile on your face and a spring in your step?

how to start

  1. Begin by writing a list of what is important for you. Simply do a brain dump getting it all on paper. For example, love, compassion, community spirited, health, adventure, freedom, authentic, self-respect. Here is a list to get you started.
  2. Next step is to start whittling them down. Sit with each one for a few moments and listen to your intuition. Does this value feel right? If so, write it down on a new list. I have 6 that I live by. Aim for about 10.
  3. Then start to put them in order. What is most important to you at the top working your way down. Take your time with this and keep coming back until they feel absolutely right for you.
  4. The last step is the write in more detail what each one means for you, either in point form or in a couple of sentences. This helps you define what the value means for you. And this also helps you in your relationships, friendships and colleagues as we all have a different point of view. And this can create conflict as we make assumptions that the other person feels the same way about a value as we do.

You may even get a few surprises as you go through this process. Remember these will change as you do. I have found I have a core few that stay the same. However, over the years some have changed as I have. And that is normal because what you wanted in your 20’s will be different from what you want in your 50’s.

Once defined you will find that they are useful and comforting to rely on as they become a guiding force to point you in the right direction when making decisions. They are a central part of all that you do.

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.”
Elvis Presley

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