demystifying the never ending list

Demystifying your list

Demystifying the never ending list, particularly at this time of year with Christmas only days away. I am sure you are wondering how as you just feel you have shortened it. And low and behold you have added more. There is never ever a blank page. Always more to do. Never enough time. Feeling rushed as you read this? And with so much still to do that you do not even have the time to read this blog?

I dreaded my list for many years. One minute I was celebrating that I have achieved what I wanted. The next I was feeling a failure as it was just as long again. Would I ever get on top of this list, I bemoaned. And no, I realised I would not. However, I could change the way I went about my list and how I viewed my list. Answer: make it my friend. Create joy around what had to be done.

Now it is finally manageable. It took a bit of time as this list and I had a bit of negotiating to do to get it right. I had to let go of seeing it as my enemy. Let’s face it I am the author of this list. No one else. And it is up to me to work out how to get it done when, where and how.

What to do differently?

I created a time table for when I was going to make the time to do tasks on the list. And that is it. I made a date with the tasks and blocked out that space. And it had to be non negotiable as well as it is very easy to be distracted. Otherwise, the list just keeps getting longer and longer and nothing done. And if some of these tasks involved my partner (like Christmas shopping, cleaning, cooking), we negotiated a day and time, who was doing what, to avoid any potential moments and resentments. It worked.

And when I went about my tasks, I accomplished one at a time being fully present for the time it took to complete the task. No mean feat, as I normally do a few things at a time. Like today I wanted to talk to a friend on my mobile and clear out the pool. And what happened: my mobile feel into the pool. Saved just in time. And nearly had to add another task to my list to get it fixed.

Moral of this blog

Make time, stick to the allotted time, do what you set out to do, and enjoy doing the tasks. And above all feel a sense of achievement at the end.

Let me know how you went. Chantal


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