What is it about receiving that we find difficult? Is it due to self-worth, not feeling safe and secure about ourselves, who we are, or our environment?

why is it so difficult to receive?

It is about our self-worth and our beliefs. I know for one, I could never receive a compliment or unexpected gift without fobbing the giver off with: ‘you shouldn’t have done that, bought that’. Or if it was complimenting an outfit ‘this is old or outdated’. In fact, by not being gracious in receiving, I was actually not giving in return and being potentially offensive to the other person.

People give because they want to, they care, they thought of you and want to feel needed as well. Ironically, I would do all that, give and wonder why it was not accepted with grace. I had to look long and hard at myself to get to understand what it is I/we do and why. I believe it all boils down to our sense of self and worthiness. When we do not value ourselves, we cannot value others and the power of giving and receiving. And when we give we are in control. When we receive we are not. Also, an important point to look at.

friendships are about giving and receiving

We need to be aware that every friendship or relationship is one of giving and receiving. When you give you receive and when you receive you give. The latter part is what we seem to get stuck on: that by receiving you are also giving. You are giving the person the gift of thanks, of pleasure, and of well being.

Think about it when you receive acknowledgement for giving something how does that make you feel? Take a moment to check in with yourself.

Now do the same when someone fobs you off with their inability to accept? How does this make you feel? I know for me I feel discarded, rejected, like what was the point and why did I bother. Now, this is going on in your subconscious most of the time. However, it is there and it can lead you to no longer wanting to give and to that particular person if it happens too many times.

stopping the natural flow of energy

By not receiving when you are given, you are stopping the natural flow of energy in the universe. I also believe you stop the flow of love, friendship, connection, warmth and acceptance of each other and what we are offering. That can also be due to expectations which is for another time.

Another important part is that the giving and receiving is from the heart with no ulterior motives attached to it. I know when I was at my lowest with self-worth, I also gave to be needed and acknowledged – there was a payoff but only in my head. The other person did not know that. It was not because I did not want to give, I did. However, I also needed to get the thanks, feel important, feel loved and wanted, even if I could not accept it and fobbed it off. Odd and that is how it was.

As I have grown and changed through meditation, reading and learning about myself and what holds me back from receiving, I now know the wonderful benefits of receiving with all my heart and being. A true and precious gift.

Start now. Bring the gift of receiving into your life, because it will fill your heart with love and joy. Take a moment to look at why you can’t, identify the old stories, accept them and lovingly let them go. Their time is up. It is now time for you to accept with grace and dignity all that you deserve and want in life.

Namaste and enjoy this guided meditation to open you up to receiving.

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