A strange analogy? Yes. However, the concept is so alike. Emptying your mind is the same as clearing your diary. This creates room for you to enjoy your life, have fun, be creative and time for yourself. And you get things ticked off your to-do list. Bonus!

“Emptiness is full”

What powerful words by Alan Wallace (American author, Buddhist practitioner). This has taken me time to grasp. What does it actually mean? For me, the words seem counterintuitive. However, it got me thinking about what to compare it with to make it have any sort of meaning. What analogy could I use to get my head around this concept?

And what came to mind was time management. As I was sitting emptying my mind (at the time not fully realising that this is what I do when I meditate) I remembered I had attended a workshop on time management with a twist. I learnt that it is only in the emptying of our diaries that we can make space to create and get things done.

How does this relate to meditation and emptying the mind? For me, it is a similar concept. When you clear your diary you have more time to do what you want to do. When you clear your mind you have more space to think of things you want to think of and do. Your life becomes more interesting, fulfilling, and exciting.

So many of us let our days get so full of doing, that we do not have the time to really look at what we are doing. And are we achieving what we want to achieve? Do we end the day with a feeling of satisfaction or a sense of dissatisfaction? We just keep looking at what we did not do and what still needs to be done. All of this contributes to our negative self-talk and feeling a failure. Our minds run amok with all these

And furthermore, it is often just stuff that is trivial and often irrelevant that presents itself.

In the same way, we also let our minds get full of stuff: random thoughts that take us on all sorts of interesting journeys that are completely irrelevant to today and reality. Again, we end our day feeling unsatisfied and tired feeling we have not accomplished much.

How to change this?

Easy: through time and thought management. Make time in your diary to just be with no interruptions or distractions what so ever and be in the present moment to clear your mind. My teacher said to me and the best way to do this is to remove yourself completely from your habitual space, ie office or home.

Now that I am having a wonderful break completely away from everything, I have the time and space to think. Sounds contrary! However, I have space here to empty my mind of my daily routine to create a ‘pregnant space’ which is being filled up with all these ideas and light bulb moments for my personal and business life. I am able to be creative and undisturbed in my thinking. It is like a work of art. I start with a blank canvas and then fill it with all sorts of colours and brush strokes, so to speak, to create a masterpiece (I would like to think so anyway).

Having quiet time gives you the freedom to allow yourself to be creative in your thinking. You are able to set your intentions (personal and professional), envision your dream (what it is you want), work out how to communicate this with others, how to create the necessary relationships to get it done in a harmonious manner and then to bring it into reality and completion.

And you find an inner peace you didn’t know you could have.

And it will not happen all at once. So it is imperative that you mark out precious time in your diary each week or day if you can manage to explore these new ideas even further.

Have fun doing this. I sure am.

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