We all look forward to a year ending and a new one beginning for some reason or other. Some years, it can’t come fast enough. It all starts out well excited to be setting our new year intentions. This year will be different.

new year intentions

There are so many ways you can hold yourself back from achieving what you set out to do. When you finally sit down and look at what excuses you use, some of them are laughable and so obvious. Because, if you really want to do something, you find a way. However, these fears feel very real to you. And it is so easy to hide behind them, rather than have a good look at what you are actually holding on to stop you from stepping out there and reaching for the stars. More often than not, you don’t even realise you are making excuses. Furthermore, these excuses are hiding deeper fears.

What I found was that no matter how many times I set new year intentions, if I didn’t believe I could achieve them, well I wouldn’t. Or not at least as many as I would like. It became a self-fulling prophecy. Until the day, I woke up to the fact that I had to look at why.

positive things to do

I love to start with the positive as this keeps me feeling buoyant and confident. Otherwise, it is easy to slip into feeling a failure and despondent. Not a great way to start your new year or anything new for that matter.

Here are 4 things you can do. This can be challenging. So ask people around you. Sit down and start writing. Get out your journal and favourite coloured pens. You will be surprised what you will come up with. Write it all down, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. It all adds up. Keep pushing yourself to find more pushing past any blocks and blanks that keep coming up.

Ideas to look at what you:

  1. loved about this last year and how you can replicate that again
  2. want more of
  3. want to let go of and how can you do that
  4. what you are proud of and brag about it. Shout it out from the rooftop

what puts the nail in the coffin of your yearly intentions

Your excuses and ultimately, your fears. These hold you back as nothing else does. You have to start getting out of your way and connecting and feeling your fears. This is an uncomfortable and painful process. But well worth it in the long run when you begin to see yourself achieving your goals, dreams and intentions. Such a wonderful feeling. Why wouldn’t you want that in your life?

Here is a list of 5 excuses and 10 fears that keep you small and stuck. These stop you before you even start. It becomes easier to abandon your dreams and desires. And there are plenty more from where they came from.


  1. no time – I am too busy. Stop that right now.
  2. silly idea – that it never is. And in whose eyes?
  3. I can’t – old belief holding you back
  4. why me – not believing that you deserve to succeed
  5. it never happens to me – victim. get out of this one quick fast


There are so many fears, that I will only list 10 of them to get you thinking.

  1. rejection and being ostracised
  2. being a success or a failure
  3. making mistakes and not getting it right
  4. being vulnerable
  5. feeling judged and criticised
  6. it won’t work
  7. change
  8. what others will think of your success
  9. being visible and out there
  10. losing it all

It is up to you to make any necessary changes. You need to start looking at what is going on internally and stop blaming external circumstances. This is so easy to do. Remember, you get the courage in the doing. It is turning fear into faith. And faith is opening the door, even though you don’t know what is on the other side.

how to start

  1. Meditation. Take time each day to sit quietly and allow your fears to surface.
  2. Journaling. Write it all down and face them. Use these fears to understand why they hold you back and keep you feeling safe and in your comfort zone. (click on journaling to purchase your ebook on how to get started).
  3. Tapping. It takes courage and time to step beyond your fears into the unknown. Why wait? Start now. It will never get easier. Tapping helps to release, create an anchor in a new way of thinking.
  4. Be open. Allow yourself to feel it all to then let it go.
  5. Take action. Unless you do something, it isn’t going to happen. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Susan Jeffers
  6. Listen to my new year guided meditation to get some inspiration
  7. Work with me. In a safe and gentle way, I can work with you to unlock your fears and thus your dreams. All the techniques that I draw on, I have successfully used on myself. So I know they work. Here is the link to my website to get a feel of who I am and what freedom we can create for you.

Let this be your year. Take control of your actions, new year intentions and decisions now not letting another year get away from you. Here’s to your success and achievements.

faith is opening the door even though you don’t know what is on the other side

From my successful soul to your successful soul.

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