explore the different ways to unfold your freedom

Working in small groups gives you the chance to gently tap into what is your truest intention where you feel supported by others.

unfold your mind

meditation workshop


Meditation creates a new way of being you.

It assists you to uncover your innate wisdom around your body, creativity, sense of self and beauty. Meditation is gentle, kind and all-embracing. It is supportive and lacking in judgment.

It expands you into the world in a changed way.

It’s the one place you can always return to for rebalancing and regrouping.

upcoming workshops:

saturday 4 march 2 – 4pm

limited bookings available

unfold your power

tapping workshop


Tapping is an exciting tool.

Tapping can help change the very way you think, the way you see yourself, and the way you move through the world.

You can use it in a random, spontaneous way or you can dig deep into whatever you want to deal with. It helps you open up, free yourself of the old repetitive stories that go round and round in your head holding you back from leading the life you want to lead.

upcoming workshops:

saturday 18 march 2 – 4pm

limited bookings available

Connecting to your emotions through the power of scent.

Spend the afternoon with us, to reawaken your sense through this powerful workshop. You will be transported into another world as you create your own personal perfume to match your emotions.

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