Expressing yourself and being heard can be so challenging for many of us when something does not suit us. I know for one I have been well trained in that from a young age. And then when I did speak up it was often aggressively so I got heard or noticed.

expressing yourself

What scares us from expressing ourselves truly? What holds us back from saying how it is for ourselves? There are so many reasons and they are personal to you. For me, I was not confident in asking for what I wanted as it meant being visible and therefore getting hurt. Also, it may have meant going against authority and getting told off. So staying silent became my opus operandi. It was just too scary to speak out.

Also, I was too busy into people pleasing and wanting to be liked at all costs. I paid such a high price for that as I did not put my needs first. When I did I got slammed. Or that is how it felt at least. And then I would feel resentful and angry. A catch 22, as they say.

how the throat chakra helps

When I started learning more and more about the chakras, it became clear why I held myself back in the throat chakra area. It was also linked to other chakras, such as the power one, solar plexus. I had no confidence in myself and did not feel worthy of getting what I wanted. So how could I possibly express it verbally in such a way I could be heard and acknowledged. And maybe even heard?

My outer persona was bubbly, strong, and vibrant. And that was a cover up as on the inside I felt quite the opposite forever worried I would upset people and not be liked. It is so sad that this is how a lot of us feel. Where is the joy in life when this is how we lead our lives?

how to find your voice

Finding my true voice has been the best thing in my life, even if at times it can still be challenging. Take a moment and see what comes up for you and hold you hold yourself back communicating what you really want and feel. Enjoy Unfolding Your Voice and the power expressing yourself. Namaste.

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It’s time to find your true voice.

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