feeling at peace

Feeling at peace is possible

Inner peace feels unobtainable. A concept that is only for those who are spiritual, live quietly and meditate in the mountains away from the reality and hustle and bustle of life.

However, life is about finding inner peace, no matter who you are, where you are, and what you have been through.

It takes time and courage to feel that wonderful sense of inner peace. But, when you do, it is amazing. Peaceful!

What does feeling at peace mean?

It is only recently that I have come to realise what this means. That I had been striving to get to this place of peace, not realising it was already within me but hidden under a shitload of stuff that I had been carrying around with me for years.

A buildup of years of dealing with childhood trauma, my father’s unexpected death, a nervous breakdown and being involved in a car accident. There were times I didn’t think I would see the light of day and have peace in my life. Yet, here I am writing this blog feeling peaceful.

Furthermore, it is not about striving, it is about being – being at peace with your life and who you are. It is a state of being within. How this is experienced is different for everyone. You may feel at peace meditating, being in nature, creating art, being with loved ones, dancing, or listening to your favourite music.

Creates resilience and inner strength

When you feel inner peace, you find you are able to accept the challenges life give you and face them with a new found resilience and inner strength. It creates a sense of stability within and that life is safe to be in, particularly if you have experienced the effects of trauma throughout your life.

Because now, you feel present with more intent to live life in another way. Each action you take is experienced with awareness and each emotion is felt and not numbed out or denied.

You feel safe and comfortable being fully present in each moment as it arises rather than avoiding, creating distractions and always needing to be busy doing. There is no longer the need to run away, struggle, and hide. Life is to be lived full of acceptance, happiness, joy and of course, peace.

Affects you physically

After a time, you will find that you experience less tension in your body. Your body feels softer and more flexible as your shoulders are no longer attached to your ears. Your jaw isn’t forever clenched as if your life depends on it potentially creating toothache and headaches. Finally, you experience fewer niggles, aches and pains, and so much more.

Feeling at peace creates a fulfilled and happy life

Your life fills with love, warmth, kindness, and laughter as you feel more confident in who you are and what you stand for. Furthermore, it is about taking full responsibility for whatever happens in your life and for how you react.

Initially, you will keep reacting as this is a default, a learnt way of being. Over time, you will learn how to respond becoming considered in what you do.

When you get to this point, you are now in control of your life rather than life being in control of you. This is so liberating and freeing. (Hence my business name: Unfold Your Freedom). It is like building muscle. It takes time and practice.

As a result, you now know you have choices and can decide how to lead your life in line with your values. You know you have the power and inner strength to change. Because when you understand that you have choices, it creates a sense of peace. You realise that all those that you have made in your life have led to where you are now reading this.

feels unobtainable

I found this hard to swallow when I first started working on myself and in therapy. It was so much easier to look outside, make everything and everyone responsible for my life. Even though there is no logic to this when you have experienced trauma.

It is so easy to be hard on yourself, judgemental and critical rather than kind and compassionate. That is why it is important to seek support to help you understand what you are going through is initially out of your control.

Moreover, it felt totally unobtainable. It was a concept that applied only to those who are spiritual, who live quietly in the mountains meditating away from reality and the chaos of life.

Life is about no longer being at war with yourself and the world

Until you pause and breathe you don’t realise how much energy and time you are expending on being at war with yourself and the world. It is important to slow down and tune into your inner being to understand what is happening within. To witness the inner turmoil and conflict.

In addition, this also shows you how unloving and unkind you are towards yourself as you don’t know otherwise. How troubled your heart is. It may very well surprise you as it did me. I had no idea how much I was struggling in life. On the surface, I portrayed this strong independent woman. On the inside, I was in the abyss of darkness that was overwhelming.

Feeling at peace comes from within

Feeling at peace comes from the little things. It is how you feel within, in your heart. The ordinary becomes extraordinary affecting your heart and soul. Creating rituals support you to do this as they create a sense of meaning and predictability in our forever changing lives.

When you begin to resolve conflict in your life within and without, you feel content with whatever is happening in your life. There is a sense of balanced harmony within. No one or nothing is able to disturb this inner peace. Yes, there will be times when you lose your inner peace and will experience stress and difficult times. However, you come back into harmony and calm down so much faster.

Above all, you no longer need to be anyone else other than yourself. You no longer need to be perfect, doubt yourself or pretend. There is a wonderful sense of freedom and relief from constant anxiety and worry by simply being yourself.

Mantra: I feel at peace

Pause for a moment now, put your hand on your heart and say to yourself “I am at peace’. Take another moment to see how this makes you feel. Do you believe it or are you simply giving it lip service?

Unless you truly believe it, it won’t feel right and you are only telling yourself a lie. I wrote a blog about why affirmations don’t work. Here is the link. Love to hear your comments on whether this resonates for you as it did for me.

In short, feeling at peace changes your life. You come to a place of acceptance with a sense of love and gratitude for your life. Now your life truly begins.

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PS if you are wanting ways to finding inner peace, read this blog.







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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive psychotherapist and Reiki master who appreciates walking alongside women willing to take the courageous steps to dare to love themselves after a life-changing experience, specialising in women with unplanned childlessness coming to a place of freedom knowing they are creating their lives in their own way. She lives with her talented partner in the Perth Hills and can be found online when she’s not communing with nature and reading a good novel eating chocolate. She can be found online at www.unfoldyoufreedom.com.au



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