It is so easy to get caught up in our lives feeling and believing that we are being kind,
loving, compassionate or forgiving.
But are we in reality?

pause for a moment

When reading these 5 ways of feeling, pause with each one and feel what happens. Does it ring true for you? Are you being truthful in how you feel towards yourself and others?  Are you aware of how you are expressing yourself? It is important to take stock of how you are towards others as you may think you are being positive, when you are not.

It takes courage to acknowledge that due to stress, exhaustion, too much on your plate, or overwhelm, you have lost sight of how you come across, the tone of voice you use and body language used.

5 feelings to change your life

Kindness is something we do. Being kind is about being generous and considerate. It means helping someone out when they are in need. You might take a bowl of soup to a friend when they are sick. It is about doing something kind with concern and affection. However, you don’t get emotionally involved. Nor do you reflect the other person’s feelings nor suffering.

Being compassionate goes deeper and is more personal. It is something we feel. It is so easy to lose sight of compassion when you are feeling tired and irritated. You get impatient and dismissive of other people’s feelings, as it can seem trivial or unimportant to you. All you need to do to show compassion is to take the time to understand what it is like for them. That can be enough. Be a listening ear. Show them that you care and feel for them.

As the Dalai Lama says: ‘ the purpose of our lives is to be happy.’ You know when you are happy because you feel good and you keep on smiling (often for no apparent reason). That is happiness. It is a sense of joy and well-being. All is well in your world.

There is nothing greater than feeling at peace with your life. No matter, what is going on around you, you can return to your inner peace. It takes time to cultivate a sense of peace and calm to replace conflicting negative emotions with positive ones. It is important to spend some time on your own each and every day to reflect on how you are feeling, why and how you can replace them.

This is such a big feeling. It is easy to love someone who is kind to you. However, it is so much harder to love someone that has hurt you. That is putting it simply. One thing I have learnt is that you can love someone, but not like aspects of their behaviour. It may mean that you need to lovingly let them go if their behaviour is unacceptable to you. Love changes your heart and how you feel about yourself and others. It is life changing to be able to sit in love rather than in hate.

Tip: it is worth taking time to sit and write out what each feeling means for you. You will be surprised at what may come up. When I did this for the first time, I actually found it difficult to articulate what each one meant to me.

Love to read your thoughts about this in the comments section.

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