Imagine feeling at peace despite the chaos around you. Imagine having fun, being spontaneous, letting go and being. Well, now you can.

ways to finding inner peace

Sometimes all you want to do is step off the grid for a while, even if it is for a few moments in your day. Or ideally for on a holiday or even a retreat. And as the latter isn’t possible at the drop of the hat, particularly when you need to feel calm right now. Here are some ways to finding your inner peace that are easy to implement.

Pause, take a deep breath and sigh

That is all you need to do to take you out of your busy mind into the moment. Do this numerous times a day and see how you feel. If you are at your desk, put your desktop on screen save. Or if you have a laptop shut the lid, push your chair slightly away and take a few deep breaths and sigh as you exhale. This connects you to your inner peace nicely and easily.

Slow down

We rush around all the time getting from here to there and everywhere with little time in-between to catch our breath. Furthermore, when we slow down we get to enjoy and experience our days rather than wondering where did it go? Check your diary, see what you can let go of as this will help you manage your days and slow down.

One task at a time

This keeps you present and on task. In fact, we are not made to multi-task effectively. This is when plenty of mistakes happen which creates distress. And takes us away from finding inner peace. When we do too many things at once we are in fact not achieving much fast. And we go into overwhelm. Take a peek at this blog to get ideas on to get grounded to achieve one task at a time.

Check things out

What do I mean by this? When you feel hurt or upset by someone instead of stewing on it and mulling it over and over again in your mind, ask them. This does take Dutch courage at times. However, in the long run, you will sort it out for yourself. And your energy can be used elsewhere, such as on what you want to think about and do. More often than not, what you thought isn’t what the other person had intended. It is the stories in your head that make it more than it is.

Let go and let be

Once you have checked it out, let it go. It’s so important to let it be otherwise, it takes up too much of your head space which is what you no longer want. Forgive and let go. Love and let go. Move on. Keep connecting to your inner peace in whichever way is best for you. I use my breath to bring me back to mine. Here is a lovely short guided meditation to get you on your way. And as Melody Beattie says: ‘Letting go helps us to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance’.

Step back and escape

Every now and again simply step off the grid and enjoy some time out from it all. Whether it be through going away, going out and seeing friends, exercising, turning off your mobile, reading a great book or simply sitting quietly in your favourite space, do it. What can’t get done today can tomorrow or the next. Your inner peace is way more important. Feel pleasure, joy, a sense of calm and vitality. And watch how finding your inner peace gets easier and easier.

do things you love

It’s so important to do things we love and have fun. Make a play date with either yourself, a loved one, or a friend. Let your hair down and play full out. Be spontaneous. Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Dance around the house. Listen to music singing out loud. Play games. Do karaoke alone in the lounge room. Above all live every moment to the fullest.

Remember to find your own way to connect to your inner peace. This is simply a guide to get you thinking how you can do this that is best for you. Feeling at peace with yourself and the world makes your life so much more enjoyable, liveable and fun!

Here is a peaceful guided meditation for you to enjoy.

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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive psychotherapist and Reiki master who appreciates walking alongside women willing to take the courageous steps to dare to love themselves after a life-changing experience, specialising in women with unplanned childlessness coming to a place of freedom knowing they are creating their lives in their own way. She lives with her talented partner in the Perth Hills and can be found online when she’s not communing with nature and reading a good novel eating chocolate. She can be found online at



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