Did you always think you were going to have children?

Everyone made the assumption that you would?

You kept waiting whilst you got on with life?

Right now, life isn’t what you expected it to be.
You had this dream and vision of how you wanted it to be – filled with children.
For as long as you can remember you always wanted to be a mother.
You assumed you would be part of your life.
It never occurred to you that it wouldn’t be.
Now you have reached the stage where you no longer can leaving you wondering
what was your life all about.
Your whole life had evolved around having a family because not only that is what you wanted,
it was also what was expected of you.
You were constantly wondering when it would happen and planned your life accordingly.
Now you have lost hope.

But life had other plans for you.
Your dream of having children wasn’t fulfilled.
Now what?
It has left you feeling bereft, empty, and unfulfilled questioning what is the purpose of your life.
Where do I fit in?
How can I contribute to society?
You feel it’s too late and not worth it.
What is the point?

There is a point and no, it isn’t too late.
Because the world needs you!

It needs your energy. Your creativity. Your experience. Your wisdom. Your insights.
Just because you aren’t a mother, doesn’t mean you haven’t led a meaningful life.
It doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to contribute to society.

You do.

Because who could you be if you fill your life with other dreams – dreams you kept pushing aside that now want to be birthed?

This happened to me, too. I fell into the trap of thinking I had nothing to share with the world.
I didn’t know that I am also a natural nurturer, simply in a different way – in the work that I do.

Until now!

My life had been lost in translation because of my constant self-doubt and lack of self-confidence as a childfree woman.
I kept kidding myself that I was happy and in love with my life. That everything was just right and how it should be.
Until one morning I woke up, like Sleeping Beauty, out of a deep sleep being kissed by my true self.

I was aching to be me as I am, not who I should be.

I wanted to be free of all the conditioning, stereotyping and beliefs. I wanted to be free of the judgment, scrutiny and feeling this constant sense of unworthiness.
I had gone on for too long, spending plenty of money and expending lots of energy going
round in circles trying to fit into realising there was this gap between the woman I showed to the world and the woman I felt inside.

I was done.
I needed to give myself permission to fully grieve, accept this is my life now and I ask myself how can I live it to the fullest bringing my gifts and dreams to the world.

I wanted to be me – in my own right.
Beautiful, glorious, and divine just as I am.

Chantal creates a safe space to bring up emotions to be addressed. I didn’t realise what I had been holding onto that was holding me back from moving forward. Laura R

How did I do this?

Firstly, I admitted to myself that I needed a mentor to gently hold me accountable. To see past this facade I had built around me.
I needed to invest in myself to be the best possible version of me, otherwise, I would remain stuck and unfulfilled.
I had to find the courage to talk publically about a topic that is not discussed in our society.
I needed to fully accept that I didn’t have a much-wanted child.
I did this because deep within my heart I knew I needed to begin to value myself as the divine woman that I am with her own dreams.
I wanted to be a catalyst for change for not only myself but other women as I began to see how we are hiding our light.

I took the leap over the edge into the unknown.
What a difference that has made in my life. It was a life-changer.
My sense of self changed dramatically with a few tears and meltdowns in amongst it all.
It was hard work, but work I was willing to do as I wanted and needed change to happen.
I started to get out of bed excited about my life and my purpose in it.
I came to a place of peace with no regrets after giving myself permission to grieve and feel the fullness of sadness and loss.
I made a conscious decision to love life and no longer feel I was missing out. What a relief.
I am redefining what life means for me. And that is what I want for you.

Because that, beautiful woman, is pure joy.

This is for you if you are:

A woman who is feeling lost and confused without a sense of purpose as her life had been dedicated to having children.
A woman who feels like something else is missing and you can’t figure it out.
A woman who knows that there is more to life than having children. You no longer want to be on the treadmill of constantly proving you are of worth. You want to wake up looking forward to the day ahead and all the possibilities.
A woman who thinks, “It’s too late’. It’s those excuses, those feelings you put aside or are buried deep within, keeping your hostage from living fully and believing that you are a natural nurturer.
A woman who is ready for change and willing to put the time, work and effort into yourself.
A woman who is willing to be vulnerable and be open to the messiness this may create.
A woman who can’t wait to redefine herself in her own way.

This is your time to shine.

Chantal creates a perfect environment for opening and honouring yourself. The sessions with her flow effortlessly, and unfolding comes easily… a totally worthwhile investment and experience that I would highly recommend. With Gratitude Jedra J

Introduction to the package

This package has been created with the woman in mind who wants to step fully into her divine power full of confidence in her childfree life and discover her gifts and dreams. A woman who wants to enjoy herself on her terms. To no longer be defined by societal dictates of what a woman is meant to be. To feel free and unrestricted. To feel she is of worth. Her opinions and what she has to say are of value and relevance in this world focused on her needing to be a mother. To no longer be affected by and worried about what others think of her. To feel she belongs in this world and no longer feels sidelined and pushed aside as irrelevant.

I believe all women deserve to have a fulfilling and loving life in their own way. A life that they enjoy without hesitation, worry, doubt and feeling inadequate. That is fun, adventurous, and exciting. A life that she loves and sees herself in. She can dictate on her terms without fear of judgement or put down. Where she feels comfortable to be totally herself. To be respected, appreciated, and honoured for the amazing woman she is. To feel she can do anything she wants at any age. And valued by society. To enjoy being a woman sensually and sexually knowing she is also a natural nurturer. Who no longer feels the need to justify and explain away why she is not a mother.

This package is to support you stepping into you beautiful, confident, and divine being. To show you how to shine your light, bring your dream and gifts to life and be uniquely you without hesitation and fear, full of love, acceptance, joy, and excitement.

What’s included in the three months:

Eight one to one online sessions via Zoom over three months
Daily check-ins and online coaching between sessions (except for weekend and holidays) in our private Sacred Facebook group

Three eBooks on’ How to Meditate’, ‘How to Create Your Sacred Space’, ‘How to Journal’
A downloadable journal to write down your thoughts, AHA moments and your dreams

  • In the first month, we meet every week for one hour (4 sessions) to set the foundations of your journey to:
    Look at what you want from life, what dream you want to manifest, set the intention, hone your vision, how you want to communicate it to the world, look at your story, what it has meant for you not to be a mother, to clear beliefs, negativity, blocked energy and empty the container to create space for the dream to come to life
  • In the second month, we meet every other week to:
    Start identifying your gifts. Look at what you want from life. How to set your dream into motion. Who needs to be involved. How to get it done. Start creating a plan of action to make your dream a reality.
  • In the third month, we meet every other week to:
    We pinpoint what practical steps needed to get the ball rolling. Look at who you want to attract to support you and what you need. What rituals are needed to help you achieve this goal. And how to have fun in the process.

You will have access to me during office hours AWST time in a private Facebook group that is just for and me in between our sessions. Here you can post any questions, thoughts, doubts, AHA moments, and celebrations. This way you don’t have to wait for your next session.

If during the second and third month, you feel you need to have additional sessions, you will get priority at a discounted price.

Please become aware of my privacy policy so you know that confidentiality is assured.

‘I went on a unique journey of discovery, power, sacred learning and self-development all in a positive, special, safe and nurturing environment. What an honour and a blessing to share Chantal’s life work, her teachings are individualised and unique.’ Amy Rose

In this safe and kind space, you get to share:

  • Your inner thoughts and blocks about not having been a mother
  • What it has meant for you
  • What you desire
  • Knowing that you are OK just the way you are
  • That you are being held and supported with empathy
  • You are being celebrated for who you are and not who you think you should be

You will find out:

  • what it means to be you without children
  • what is holding you back from stepping out being you
  • how to create your own life and which brushstrokes you wish to apply to bring your gifts and dream to life
  • how to start making changes to fully love yourself and your life
  • how to feel in control of and in love with your yourself and your life

How a session will flow.

  • We will work together face to face online via Zoom
  • There will be personalised guided meditations
  • Tapping techniques will be incorporated when applicable
  • Long-distance Reiki may be sent as we unfold together
  • Writing is another tool that I use
  • Various Oracle cards will be used for guidance and support
  • A great way to start your year to being confidently you.

What you can look forward to:

  • Each session is tailored to your needs
  • Being held in a safe and understanding space
  • Being witnessed for who you are without judgment
  • Feeling inspired as you unfold in a kind, gentle and loving way
  • Beginning to look at what is holding you back
  • Seeing how amazing you already are
  • Starting to make lasting changes in your life
  • Starting to bring your gifts and dreams to life

A personal note: I’m reaching out to let you know that it takes courage to step up and change. It can be scary as you are stepping into the unknown. What will happen? Who will I become? I look forward to spending this time with you as you begin to step into your life on your terms. You are embarking on an incredible journey of self-discovery filled with laughter and potentially lots of tears of relief. And most importantly, many ah-ha moments.  I know this because I was in your shoes not so long ago and I know personally how much reclaiming myself not being a mother as me has been a life-changer (and I used plenty of tissues!) This is no secret reserved for the select few. You, wonderful woman, deserve to be you! When women support other women, changes happen on a cellular, individual, familial, community and global level. I know you understand that you’ve witnessed it before. But now is your time. Let me hold the space for you, supporting, facilitating, encouraging your transformation, empowerment and bringing your dream to life that you put on hold. The world needs you for who you are. Our time together will get you started on your way to leading a life full of happiness, joy, love and purpose. You will begin to see how you can enjoy being the amazing woman you are right now. Each day, you’ll get out of bed with a sense of excitement and pleasure. And most of all, you’ll begin to love and accept yourself in ways you never imagined possible. I promise, your best years are still to come! Chantal x

Frequently Asked Questions

Are payment terms available?
Yes, they are. It takes courage to talk about money and to ask. Please don’t let this hold you back. Here is my email address: support@unfoldyourfreedom.com.au to discuss in confidence.

Do I need to complete this in 3 months?

That is preferable. However, that can be discussed as life can get in the way.

How much access do I have to you outside of the sessions?

Yes, you have access via our personal Sacred Facebook group during the week within working hours 9 am – 5 pm AWST.

Do I need to book all sessions at once?

You can so this way they are locked in. However, you can go from one session to the next, as long as we finish within the eight week timeframe where possible.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

All payments for this package are non-refundable as this is a high-value package created for those who really want to see change in their lives and are committed to that. Follow me on social media and get onto my email list to get to know me via my website freebies. This way you’ll get to know who I am and feel comfortable to committing to working with me. Know that I am just as committed to nurturing you, as I am myself.

Still have a question?

email me at support@unfoldyourfreedom.com.au and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours during the week.

Who am I?

A beautiful woman as you are. Simply not a mother. Yet, I am a natural nurturer. However, this took me a long time to realise and own.

For many years I ached to be me on my terms, not on the terms of being a mother. I always wanted to be a mother, but it didn’t happen for me. I felt I was missing out on something everyone else had. There was this expectation I would be a mother.

There was this gap between the woman I showed to the world and the woman I felt on the inside. And I couldn’t reconcile the two – the one who wanted to be a mother with the one who wasn’t. I kept waiting for it to happen and it never did. I put my life on hold thinking it eventually would.

It didn’t. My life had passed me by. Or so I thought.

Everywhere I looked I was reminded of what it would be like to be a mother. I felt like an outsider looking in – into a group I didn’t belong to and didn’t fit into. There was no room for me, what I had to say and how I felt.

Then there came a point where I realised I needed to learn to dream again. To let go of these restrictions with love, forgiveness, and gratitude. To put my past to rest.

It was time for me to give birth to my dream. To listen to the whispers of my soul. And allow myself to be me. Gloriously beautifully me.

But I didn’t know what. I had an inkling, but I felt unsure as I had lost my confidence and sense of worth.

Slowly but surely with the guidance of my own mentors, I allowed myself to dream and become a spiritual mentor to other childfree women to birth their own dreams.

That is how this package came to pass. To show you how you can also be gloriously beautifully you. To know that being uniquely, courageously and wonderfully you is all you need to be in life.

I’m an intuitive guide and confidence mentor, business owner, passionate philanthropist, and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. I work with women ready to bring their dreams to life with confidence. I live with my creative and talented partner in the Perth Hills and can be found wearing bright pink when I’m not communing with nature and reading a good novel eating chocolate. And being a natural nurturer to those in my life.