It is so interesting looking back at how an idea pops into your head, a seed is planted, watered and a company is born.

In a nutshell, this is how Franc Essential natural skincare was created 10 years ago.

It was from my passion for bringing the magic of nature to you after a wonderful trip back to my fatherland France visiting Southern France in all its aromatherapy glory. I feel in love. How could you not. There were fields and fields of herbal delights, bright yellow sunflowers, pine trees, juniper berry bushes and of course, the renowned lavender fields. Pure magic.

Furthermore, at the time I had this great need to nurture myself in my grief after the sudden death of my father. I took the opportunity to spend some time surrounded by nature and immersing myself in the aromatic and healing power of nature as I had recently completed my aromatherapy studies and knew of their psychological as well as their physical benefits. So soothing and calming. 100% natural and 99% organic skincare. It created a strong connection for me to the beauty and exquisiteness of nature. How could l bring this back to you to also enjoy? Through a skin care range. Thus my journey started.

As I clearly remember: “I was simply touched by the power of nature; the process of extracting pure and potent compounds from plants. What was happening all around me was both magical and healing. I knew then that I wanted to somehow capture this experience and share it with others. I enjoy describing this experience for me as both being soul deep and skin deep and I believe that Franc Essential reflects this beautiful experience to everyone who chooses to use our natural anti-aging skin care range.”

Upon my return as I was doing my research, I found that the products I had been using and looking at were not delivering what I believed was possible and it concerned me that they can cause reactions to the skin. I felt convinced there must be a better way to produce a product that was natural, easy to use, beautiful on the skin and give you the skin you love to live in. This ignited a fire in me to create a product range that would gently replenish and nourish your skin for you to look and feel younger naturally. I wanted to create a natural skincare that worked for all women around the world so you could have gorgeous skin and that wonderful experience of the magic of nature.

As I loved simplicity in my life, it became my passion to create a versatile skin care range what would nourish and regenerate all skins in all seasons all around the world. I came to the conclusion that carefully combined high quality natural ingredients have the power to balance and enhance any skin in any climate. It would become your silent beauty buddy that just knows how to balance your skin at all times.

My journey became a yearning to bring together a lifetime of experiences to share them with you in a simple and effective way. My overwhelming desire was for you to also experience the inner beauty that I now was feeing which led me to create Franc Essential that I knew will delight all of you who chose to use it.

I began to see that women were looking for a product that provided maximum effect with minimum effort in their busy daily life. The range was designed to care for and nurture your particular skin with four simple and easy steps; cleansing, exfoliating, balancing and nourishing. That is how it all unfolded and let me to fuse both my passions all these years later: Beauty and Meditation.