The Oxford dictionary defines Beliefs as: An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

The power of your beliefs holds the key to your potential. Some beliefs (example, everything happens for the best or I am always taken care of ) can help us stay positive in even the most trying circumstances. But there are some beliefs that hold us back from living as the best version of ourselves. These are called limiting beliefs and they can adversely affect our lives. They inhibit us and hold us back from expressing our true confident selves. More often than not they are faulty and aren’t the truth. However, we believe them and hold onto them as if our lives depended on them.

New beliefs change your perception

Extreme? Yes, because we do. Until we sit down and have a good look at our thoughts and beliefs we’ll keep leading the same lives. So even though we feel uncomfortable and want things to change, it’s not easy to do. And we’ll keep on reinforcing them.  It’s the devil we know than the devil we don’t.

However, it’s about doing something about it. It’s so easy to talk, but not easy to do. I’m reminded of this again and again. You finally think you have worked through something, then the Universe throws you another curveball. Where did this come from? And it tests your new beliefs again at another level.

One story stands out in particular in my life. When I was recently preparing myself for another expansion of my natural skin care range, Franc Essential, I was surprised to find old beliefs resurface. Beliefs of not being good enough, can I do this, will I fail at this level, will I cope and so it went on. These were ones I thought I had dealt with, even though I knew I was stepping out of my comfort zone and into new territory.

It still astounded me at how deep they are in our psyche and how they underlie all of our behaviours, no matter where we are in our lives. They are so automatic we do not even realise that they are dictating our lives and how we see ourselves. I was having all these light bulb moments as I saw how they were still undermining my intentions at a level I was not aware of. Powerful stuff!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something
else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have known for a long time now that limiting beliefs create my experiences as they are at the core of my subconscious. Not only were we programmed from birth into everyone else’s belief systems, we also created our own ones to add to the mix. This is the biggest lesson. To realise they are or have become our own, to accept this and then release them in order to lead the lives we truly want to lead.

Another thing I learnt along the way is that we’ll always have some sense of insecurity, lack of confidence and anxiety in our lives. However, this is normal when we are challenging ourselves and pushing our limits. That is where the growth lies. In that space in between. That is where the gold lies. Your beautiful amazing self. And that is why I do what I do to help you bridge that gap as it was for me.

Of course, these beliefs that have been constantly and relentlessly battered into us over the years shape who we have become and what we believe in. It is now time to change your mindset, uninstall them and create a new programme, namely our own, to be able to lead the life you want to lead unencumbered.

how a woman’s circle helps you see yourself through a new lens

It’s only when you sit quietly or in a woman’s circle can you take the time to see beliefs for what they are and how you interpreted them. You’ll begin to see that when you believed a statement that somebody told you or said about you, then you unconsciously started taking actions to prove that what they said was true! And, of course, what they said became a self-fulfilling prophecy!

You’ll start to sort the wheat from the chaff and begin to see how many of your self-limiting beliefs were based on other people’s opinions and their own limitations. They are not your limitations – all you did was adopt them! You can now begin to choose your new beliefs and how you want to think, feel, be and do without those restrictions. The wonderful thing is that you start to create space for your new sense and belief of self.

Remember, our minds also need to process and integrate this new information into our psyches. That may take some time to get the old ones fully out of your system and the new ones embedded. So be patient and do make the time to do so. It is well worth it in the long run.

It is challenging as you also need had to look at how you distract yourself from feeling painful memories, emotions and experiences and then not allow myself to be distracted. And this is where a Woman’s Circle can support you and hold you not only in the space to have the courage to open up but to also be a witness to your progress and hold you accountable in a loving, nurturing and kind way.

It’s a place for you to connect and not feel alone.

This gives you a very different experience from what you have already had. Where there was judgment, criticism, put-downs and negativity. A circle gives you the space and permission to be yourself. To start to flourish and enjoy who you are. And to reframe your vision and perception of yourself. To see yourself through a new lens with your new beliefs.

It’s a place for you to connect and not feel alone. Something to look forward to you knowing you’ll be seen, where you can let your guard down and simply be. Refreshing, uplifting and supportive! The other women become your cheerleaders sharing their own self-doubts, fears, resistances and blocks. There is such power in knowing and realising that we are not alone and no longer need to feel like the victim of our circumstances and limiting beliefs.

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Moments spent in quiet contemplation to nurture our inner purpose are an essential part of every woman’s daily beauty ritual.
When we feel at ease with ourselves, we feel at ease with the world.
Chantal Vanderhaeghen

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