Are you ready to unfold to love and embrace your true self?

Do you feel there is more for you in life than what you have right now?
Would you like to be released from your stories of how you should be as a woman coming to a place of freedom of being you?

You are at the point in your life where you are unsure where you are going from here after going through a life-changing experience or trauma. You are a woman who no longer knows how to fit back into your world. So much has changed and you have lost sight of who you were. You are wanting to steady the waters around you and feel you should back on top of things. But you don’t. It can feel lonely, isolating and embarrassing to not being in control of your emotions.  You also feel anxious about talking to friends, family or colleagues because they think you are strong, reliable, dependable and there is nothing to be unhappy about. You feel stuck, can’t seem to move one feeling you should have let go by now all the deeply held emotions that are still swirling inside of you! I felt this when I was told I could no longer have children which was compounded with childhood trauma. I was experiencing an incredible life on the surface. But not within.

Something is lingering, despite all you have done.
You can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

You are being told how wonderful your life is and how fabulous you look, yet you aren’t feeling this at all.

Even though on the surface it looks like this, you know there is more to you and your life, but you are unsure how to tap into it. You are feeling unsure and confused.

You are still struggling with coming terms with who you are and what has happened, no matter what you do. Nothing seems to be working in the way you want. You are not being the woman you want to be with her own voice, opinions, desires, feelings, and sense of self. You keep questioning who you are.

  • You are done with not feeling enough in your life.
  • You have had enough of not being honest with yourself of how you are really feeling.
  • You know there is more to you and more to life for you than your stories.
  • You no longer want to keep up appearances and say what people want to hear from you.

  • You no longer want to be the good girl playing by the societal rules.
  • You no longer want to pretend that all is well in your life.

You know you are not leading your own life – being one person in your inner and another for your outer world.

Underneath you are paddling like mad, trying to remain calm on the surface and getting nowhere. You are feeling frustrated, never quite living up to your own expectations and those of others.

But nothing has worked up until now. Who do you turn to? Where do you find help? Who do you trust? You are feeling concerned about taking that step to find out how to balance who you are, as it feels easier to stay where you are right now, despite the discomfort and pain is is causing you. It is familiar and easier than stepping into the unknown.

You are wanting someone to walk part of this path with you. Someone who can gently support you out of the blur and confusion. Someone who has also experienced their own ups and downs in life and has been able to get through to lead a joyful, loving, fulfilling, creative, intuitive, and free life.

You are realising and embracing that a change is needed.

I relate to all of this as a woman without children and having experienced a childhood full of trauma. I had no clue who I was. I was too busy surviving and being who I thought I was meant to be creating stress and a constant feeling of never being enough, no matter what I did in my life. I had an exciting life full of lots of adventures much to others envy. But I simply couldn’t see or own it. Now I can. Freedom!

you are ready to give yourself permission to be you – unabashedly, gloriously and beautifully you.

It is time to lead the life you want to – and to feel you are enough.

How will it work?

Each session is tailored to your individual needs and I will use my unique processes to support you and enable you to unfold in a gentle, kind and loving way.

I know the techniques work as I have used them on myself along with a growing number of beautiful, exceptional clients over the past 20 years.

I adapt our sessions and am intuitive to your needs as they grow.

Combining psychotherapy, meditation, mindfulness and tapping infused with Reiki I can combine these powerful therapies whether it be in Perth Hills or online.

Making a commitment to yourself can be scary, let alone making a commitment to someone else. I ask you to work at your own pace particularly when sharing your vulnerability and pain.

It takes courage to do so and to open yourself up to change.

By Committing you will:

  • find an inner strength and confidence that is within you. As we start unravelling your stories, conditioning and patterns about what it means for you to be a woman with or without children, single or partnered, you’ll begin to see what is right about you rather than what you feel is wrong. And start to believe that you are already more than enough.
  • begin to realise that you have choices in life as you begin to believe in yourself and your truth. You’ll learn how to separate yourself from the past with its social conditioning to let it all be so you can get on with leading your life in your own way with a sense of belonging.
  • begin to recognise, own who you are and not who you think you should be. With a new way of thinking, you’ll gain a wonderful sense of freedom as you let go of your existing default programme and trauma to embody who you already are with a sense of belonging.
  • begin to connect to your intuition and innate wisdom of your body, mind and soul recognising that you have everything you need inside of you to lead a fun and fulfilling life overflowing with love, happiness, freedom and joy.
  • begin to feel a sense of peace and calm as you let go of stress, frustration and negativity and welcome in flow, freedom and positivity. You’ll begin to feel confident and strong in all that you do and all that you are, as well as learning to use your own voice and guidance to find peace and let go.
  • feel more connected to your loved ones creating a harmonious life and a delightful sense of well-being. You’ll see just how important it is that you know this is how it’s meant to feel and that life is good.
  • clear the clutter in your mind to unearth your beautiful intuitive heart and soul seeing and witnessing yourself as the perfect woman that you are and learn to make time for you in future.

You need someone you can work and connect with, without judgement or criticism.

It is important that you feel safe so you can be vulnerable to be able let go and free yourself from whatever you feel is holding you back.

You can either immerse yourself in one session or immerse yourself with no holding back in 3 or 6 giving you the time, space and opportunity to make profound changes.


You are more than enough

To love your life and be fully yourself

You need someone you can work and connect with, without judgement or criticism.

It is important that you feel safe so you can be vulnerable to be able let go and free yourself from whatever you feel is holding you back.

You can either immerse yourself in with one session or immerse yourself with no holding back with 3 or 6 giving you the time, space and opportunity to make profound changes


You are more than enough

To love your life and be fully yourself

1 Session

Booking one 90-minute session is a wonderful start to feeling you are enough. That it comes from within and starts with you.


3 Sessions

When you make this commitment to yourself you are saying to yourself I’m worth it. You are acknowledging that you are ready to feel you are enough. And that it takes time to see changes and embody them in your life and these 3 sessions will have you well on your way.


6 Sessions

By ensuring you are dedicating time to redesigning your life on an even deeper level – a soul level. These sessions open up time and space for you to make life-long changes and be able integrate them into your life for the now and for your future.


Book a free 15-minute clarity call, if you have any further questions, before you commit.

Get ready to find your pathway that takes you to the most unexpected space. Allowing yourself to visit a place within you that you didn’t know existed, where you feel you are more than enough.

You will be surprised and find joy in the wonders that are hidden away within you to be seen and revealed. Allow yourself to shine, make yourself feel confident, strong, valued, special and beautiful.

To get there together we adjust your present way of thinking with care and kindness and I will assist you to be mindful, tapped into and disrupted. Your thoughts, beliefs and stories will be recreated in a safe, gentle, soulful, loving and supportive way.

There you’ll find that you are already more than enough.

frequently asked questions

What do I get in each session?

Each session is 1 hour, if you chose for me to send a personalised guided meditation or tapping script afterward or we can focus on a 1 ½ hour session together as an alternative, both options are $220.

When do I need to use my sessions by?

When selecting your sessions please consider, that a single session will be booked and shared within 30 days, 3 sessions will be booked and shared within 90 days and 6 sessions will be completed within 6 months.

Can I have one session only and then add more?

Yes, you can book and pay for one. If you are happy and want to delve deeper you can then book another three at that special rate. You aren’t able to add another two at the special rate.

What are the benefits of three sessions?

When you commit to three sessions, you are commiting to delving deeper into change. Three sessions gives us a chance to start letting go of what is holding you back from feeling you are enough.

What are the benefits of six sessions?

By selecting 6 sessions you are really giving yourself the chance to make some serious changes. This takes time and courage as you embrace yourself with my guidance.

Are there payment terms for the 6 sessions?

Yes, payment terms are available. The first agreed upon payment will need to be received before commencement of sessions. A form will need to be signed with both parties agreement. An admin fee of $50 will be added to the total amount.