If you have been questioning who you are and what is the purpose of your life, particularly after trauma, this is for you.

When you have been through a trauma-induced experience, it throws your whole world upside down.

You may have experienced an illness, death, divorce, not having children, moved home or countries, abuse, childhood trauma, job or career loss, a natural disaster or miscarriage.

Initially, you have felt lost and had no idea what had happened, so you keep going. You keep pushing through as to stop would mean giving up.

Your life’s experiences have brought you to this place of feeling lost and confused and isolated from everything you knew. Nothing makes sense anymore. Life, as it was, is simply no longer there.

You have started to question who you are? What is life all about, despite being successful in all that you have achieved? Or you may not have achieved what you wanted? Will I ever pull through and lead a normal life again, what that may look like.

That is scary as you have lost trust in yourself, your intuition, the messages you receive, the world, and what you are meant to be doing. That can affect your business or career.

The answer is within you and our work together is to bring that answer forward.

Clear the pathway – Accept who you are – Connect with your Soul

You are becoming clearer on who you are. You see signs of forward momentum, but there’s something that’s yet to become crystal clear.

Maybe you want absolute clarity on what’s holding you back so that you can take wide strides forward, instead of taking 2 steps forward, and 1 step back.

You want to trust yourself completely but aren’t sure what you need to release for good…or even more – HOW to release it for good.


This is where spiritual healing and an Akashic Reiki Reading combined with talk therapy can create the freedom you want to experience.

Why have sessions?

They support you in connecting with your Soul.

They will reveal to you in a gentle and loving way who you are behind the trauma and what is holding you back from reclaiming yourself and being true to yourself and your aligned Divine soul purpose.

They will transform how you see yourself and what you need to do to break free from the past, stories, beliefs, and social norms.

I can find it hard sometimes to ‘let me guard down’ and go with it, but ‘wow’, from the moment Chantal said “Hello” I instantly felt this calm, nurturing energy come through.

Having no expectations helped, I had a small niggling thought of what I may be needed to address….funny how this was one of the first main points that came through during my session. Having never spoken to Chantal before, hearing her tell me that I am not fully showing up in my business was mind-blowing (I also know that this is true!)

I’m only now beginning to realise that blocks that I currently have, can actually have links to the past! Thank you, Chantal, until our next session!

Kate Hammond

Chantal, thank you so much for introducing me to Akashic Records. I kept seeing and hearing about it and finally after many prompts took notice and booked a session.

I loved the idea of posing my most current relevant question and how through the interaction with my records we delved deeper into my experiences.

Looking forward to taking small Inspired steps to brighten my future. Thank you again for your knowledge, support, and guidance.

Alison Parker


It was informative, intuitive, enlightening and to tell the truth it was a little spooky. Chantal connected to my records and what she told me before I said ANYTHING was SPOT ON!

What she told me opened my eyes! She showed me that I can stay safe without the giant barriers.

She taught me how to understand myself and clear the blocks so I can fill myself with positivity and things that make me happy. The cool thing is it was always inside of me. It was through a better understanding that I came to these realisations.

Thank you, Chantal. You have helped beyond measure.

Mel Thornberry

Get excited about having your mind and heart opened wide in your sessions and Akashic Records as you discover how to:

  •       get clarity and understanding around your stories and what happened
  •       reframe your story to tell a different one
  •       feel excited about what your life purpose is
  •       shift your attitude from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ because it all makes sense
  •       own your intuition and belief in yourself
  •       experience what you need to clear and release
  •       allow yourself to be divinely led with every thought and action from now on
  •       feel a lightness of being
  •       feel relief and a weight lift off your shoulders
  •       experience peace and calm deep within
  •       dance with the rhythm of your heart
  •       know what attachments you need to let go of

It is your time. It is now.

No more:

  •       sitting alone in the dark small and insignificant
  •       pretending how you are feeling deep within
  •       doubt, hesitation, and I am unsure
  •       excuses and justifications
  •       What will people think?
  •       Procrastination and putting off
  •       saying yes to others and no to yourself
  •       doubting and second-guessing yourself
  •       holding onto the past, stories, beliefs and being told what to do
  •       hiding worrying about what others will think
  •       remaining invisible and small

It is time to own YOU. You deserve to feel free, to be your Divine Self living your Divine purpose.

Making a commitment to yourself can be scary, let alone making a commitment to someone else. I ask you to work at your own pace particularly when sharing your vulnerability and pain.

It takes courage to do so and to open yourself up to change.

I am here to:

  •       support you to clear the pathway
  •       support you to accept who you are
  •       guide you to connect with your Soul, intuition and body
  •       remind you of who you are
  •       show you through your Akashic records what you are meant to be doing
  •       get you excited and in love with life and your Soul Purpose
  •       to challenge you when you want to give up
  •       celebrate all of you

It is all there within you. The diamond simply needs to be polished and brought out into the light feeling safe and proud.

Expect to feel a shift. Expect to get lightbulb moments. Expect to get truly excited and on fire.

This is your time. This is for you. Now is the right time.

You are ready to expand your life and know it needs to be done in your own way, from a place of Divinity, intuition, courage, confidence, vulnerability, sacredness, and inner strength.

When you say yes to yourself, this is what we will be experiencing together in the sessions and Akashic Records.

Option 1

Booking one 60-minute session is a wonderful start to feel you are enough. That it comes from within and starts with you.


Option 2

When you make this commitment to yourself you are saying to yourself I’m worth it. You are acknowledging that you are ready to feel you are enough. And that it takes time to see changes and embody them in your life and these 3 sessions will have you well on your way.


Option 3

By ensuring you are dedicating time to redesigning your life on an even deeper level – a soul level. These six sessions open up time and space for you to make life-long changes and be able to integrate them into your life for the now and for your future.


If you are unsure which one is for you?

Get ready to find your pathway that takes you to the most unexpected space. Allowing yourself to visit a place within you that you didn’t know existed, where you feel you are more than enough.

You will be surprised and find joy in the wonders that are hidden away within you to be seen and revealed. Allow yourself to shine, make yourself feel confident, strong, valued, special and beautiful.

To get there together we adjust your present way of thinking with care and kindness and I will assist you to be mindful, tapped into and disrupted. Your thoughts, beliefs and stories will be recreated in a safe, gentle, soulful, loving and supportive way.

There you’ll find that you are already more than enough.

frequently asked questions

What do I get in each session?

An Akashic Record reading infused with Reiki, insight meditation, EFT tapping and psychotherapy to go deep within.

What are Akashic Records?

Being in your Akashic Records is like walking into one big library with rows and rows of books.

Within this library, you can find your own personal Akashic records in your book full of chapters documenting everything you have thought, felt, said, and experienced from your past lives, your present life, and even future possibilities. For more, click here to take you to my YouTube video.


When do I need to use my sessions by?

When selecting your sessions please consider, that a single session will be booked and shared within 30 days, 3 sessions will be booked and shared within 90 days and 6 sessions will be completed within 6 months.

Can I have one session only and then add more?

Yes, you can book and pay for one. If you are happy and want to delve deeper you can then book another three at that special rate. You aren’t able to add another two at the special rate.

What are the benefits of three sessions?

When you commit to three sessions, you are commiting to delving deeper into change. Three sessions gives us a chance to start letting go of what is holding you back from feeling you are enough.

What are the benefits of six sessions?

By selecting 6 sessions you are really giving yourself the chance to make some serious changes. This takes time and courage as you embrace yourself with my guidance.

Are there payment terms for the 6 sessions?

Yes, payment terms are available. The first agreed upon payment will need to be received before commencement of sessions. A form will need to be signed with both parties agreement. An admin fee of $50 will be added to the total amount.


Book a free 15-minute clarity call, if you have any further questions, before you commit.

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