why making excuses isn’t good for you

Something I have learnt over the years is that, if you want to do something you will. If not, you will make excuses. Even an excuse that sounds feeble even to you to get out of doing something you don’t want to do.

What you don’t realise is that constantly making excuses is detrimental to your mental and physical health. They become your reality.  You find yourself constantly layering your excuses to get out of the one you have just made. Making excuses begin to dictate your life.

Why isn’t it good for your health? Because it begins to weigh you down. You lose your sense of self as you are unable to take responsibility for your own behaviour. When you keep making excuses, you lose trust – in yourself and in others. It keeps you on edge and irritable. You are forever second-guessing yourself.

It is so easy to rationalise an excuse to yourself and to others which in fact makes it worse. Most of the time the other person knows you are making an excuse and would rather you told it as it is. This can put a strain on our friendship. What you may find it that you start to get physical symptoms as an excuse.

how making excuses affected me

For a few years there when I wasn’t in the best place in my life, I would make excuses and end up with a headache or cold sore as I was so stressed when I ‘gave a very valid reason’ for not wanting to do something. Because I was feeling vulnerable, I lacked the courage to stand up for myself and didn’t want people to see me this way.

In fact, I should have been honest right from the word go by stating how where I was at and saying no in the first place. This would have been so much better for my health rather than wheedle my way out something I didn’t want to do and furthermore couldn’t do. Much healthier for yourself and your friendships. It might be worth reading more about this in my blog ‘how saying no is a matter of self-value’ and see how it resonates with you.

reasons for making excuses

There are all sorts of reasons why you make excuses. I will list some you may resonate with and you will all have your own as well. You fear:

  • being rejected and given the cold shoulder
  • taking responsibility for yourself and your choices
  • not being liked
  • being ridiculed and put down

and you don’t

  • have the courage to say no, because you doubt yourself
  • feel confident enough to speak your mind

and you have

  • a fear of getting it wrong and making a mistake

There are so many more reasons that hold you back from not making excuses and thus affecting your health.

benefits of no longer making excuses
how to release them

When you finally stop making excuses, you will feel so much lighter and in control of your life. There will be a spring in your step as you now know that you have the confidence and courage to no longer keep making those excuses. You will begin to recognise your excuses and stop yourself from making them. Your relationships and friendships will improve as there is honesty and openness again. And above all, you will love and trust yourself again.

How I have worked with connecting to my excuse making is to sit in silence and take the time to learn about why I felt the need to do this. Tapping, in conjunction with being mindful, took me even deeper to release the reasons I was using. It was at times very painful, however, it needed to be done. Life has truly changed for me now.

If you would like to find out more and work with me to guide you to an excuse-free life, click on this link to see what would be best for you. And to get to know me first you can have a ‘get to know each other’ clarity session.

Here’s to making our lives manageable without all those pesky excuses.

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