meditation part 2

I have chunked this down as I know when we are busy we cannot face readying a whole litany of stuff, even if it is interesting. Our heads are just too full of other stuff which we have not cleared out and hold on to. It is like a dam with no outlet.

meditation and you

At the end of the last blog on meditation (part 1), I mentioned that it was time to face where you are at. It is challenging, yet a great opportunity to change, to acknowledge where we are at; lost, confused, no longer connected to the world and our emotions. The thing is you think you are. And you are on one level, a superficial one.

The question is do you want to keep on struggling in life and keep getting the same results. Or are you will to take that leap of faith and step out into the depths of the unknown and start opening up to ourselves.

What I found over the years that it was easier to stay in what I knew, even it felt uncomfortable and I would talk about it all the time. Yet, fear held me back from taking that leap as it was familiar where I was, known, and not scary. Amazing how we can talk ourselves into remaining in the most uncomfortable and at times dire situations, emotions, and surrounded by people who drag us down and vice versa.

Then there comes a point where enough is enough. We reach our limit, no more. And it is a matter of what we do with this: stay in it or step out and try something different and make the necessary changes. This is painful and at times dramatic.

It throws you all over the place and at times all you want to do is crawl away under the nice warm duvet and revert back to where you were. Yet, do you really?

what to do

What I found really useful are the simple and easy meditation techniques that I have incorporated into my life. It helps me not run away, repress or indulge in those negative thoughts. I am able to keep myself in the moment, despite the pain and all I want to do is get away from it all. It helps me stay in the moment, moment by moment giving me the chance to see the subtle changes that are happening: the change in attitude, the irrelevance of the emotion and thought, he waste of time and energy involved in pursuing something that is just not real.

Slowly but surely, I have awakened to an amazing life, to be calm in chaos, to stay present and focused. Priceless.

And this is what I want for you.

meet chantal

Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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