meditation workshop

Meditation creates a new way of being you.

It assists you to uncover your innate wisdom around your body, creativity, sense of self and beauty.

Meditation is gentle, kind and all-embracing. It is supportive and lacking in judgement. It expands you into the world in a changed way.

It’s the one place you can always return to for rebalancing and regrouping.

It is only in the silence that you can find peace and calm no matter what is going on around you or within you. Silence gives you the space and clarity to hear and listen to yourself again. It helps you find the desired joy, peace and calm you long for.

Watch yourself unfold as you begin to use meditation and mindfulness in your everyday life.

The power of these simple and easy to use techniques will change you. And you can use them anywhere, any time for any reason at all. It is a personal journey that is pertinent to you and you alone.

You’ll walk into this workshop seeking something. You’ll walk out having found it. Within.

· The group will always be small with a maximum of 10, so you get personal and undivided attention.

· You will receive a journal and pen so you can take notes and an information folder about the benefits of meditation.

i am ready i want to – be mindful

upcoming workshops

saturday 28 january 2 – 4pm

limited bookings available