In the deepest part of me, I had always been searching for a peaceful mind and joyful heart

I was yearning to feel a sacredness, to know my own power, to succumb to joy and to bask in my own beauty.

There was a valley between the persona I presented to the world and the woman I felt inside. I couldn’t find the bridge to connect the two. This created an inner turmoil that no one could see – even myself at times. I was often stuck, life felt like plain hard work.

I had all these versions of myself that I did not love and could not tame.

The saddest aspect of the way I perceived things was that I couldn’t see all the beauty and power in myself, no matter what people told me.

However, I knew there was more to life than living small.

That realisation was the foundation of all the love I now have in my life. And the foundation for the evolution of

unfold your freedom

With clarity, I can look back and see what I achieved in those times, plus what an amazing life I’ve lived with so much promise and adventure left to be had. Unfold Your Freedom was well overdue.

Where did I get this insight? I challenged my perception. I began to shift how I looked at life.

I had the big ‘aha!’ the moment I realised that the lenses I looked through were distorted.

And then, I wanted more.

I’ve been lead here to show you how to have what you want in life.

It’s time for us to shine and be all we want to be

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