The other day I came home to a quiet house for lunch after a busy morning. I was still all of a buzz as I walked in and felt quite overwhelmed by the silence and solitude that I was sensing.

An old habit would have been to go and turn on the radio or TV just to have some noise in the background and to have pseudo company. Then after I had prepared lunch and went to sit down to eat it, I had the urge to get a book or magazine to read.

It was an interesting exposé for me to see how ingrained it was to have noise around me to keep me company, how habitual it was for me to seek out a way of not feeling like I was on my own.

It did take a concerted effort to remain in my own company without any distractions and to enjoy my lunch I had so lovingly made. And had I really?? Or had I just made it without really thinking about it, ie what was I making, why, would I enjoy it, etc. This is how we lead a lot of our lives – doing things automatically without awareness and full enjoyment. We do things because we feel we have to, for survival, because it is time to eat, sleep. And do we really need to do these things when it is dictated or can we tune into our bodies and listen to what it says?

And I had a lovely time really eating the soup I had made. I appreciated the preparation of the soup, the ingredients that had been bought and I chose to chop up and put in it, how it would sustain me, how healthy it was, how tasty, the texture, the colour and the aromas. Delicious – really tantalising.

I changed my mindset to be present and not think about reading a book to keep my mind occupied or what tasks I would need to be doing afterwards or calls I had to make. It was so liberating just be present with this meal in front of me, in my own company and being mindful and aware. I had lovely quiet time out to sustain myself for the rest of the day. There was no need to rush, to eat in a rush or on the hop which is so easy to do when we are busy doing. And it is so unhealthy as we eat to fast and gulp a lot of air as well and then generally feel sluggish afterwards. Or we are so busy with the next thing as had to do that we may not even be aware of this at all.

At the end of the meal, just sit and be for a moment or two to appreciate what you have eaten, how it has sustained you and now move on to the next part of your day.

Do give this a try and see what happens for you.