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Sometimes you get to do something that touches not only your soul, but those of others globally is amazing. And this was one of those moments. A few months ago, I contributed a story of Grace in my life with 250 other graceful souls to create this amazing book which has hit all sorts of records in Amazon.

What was interesting about this was that when I sat down to write the story I had in mind those words didn’t end up on paper. A completely different story transpired. A story about my late father who had been a very difficult man all through my life. There was no grace at all whilst he was physically in this world.

Only upon his death did Grace, Love, Forgiveness and Connection come through into my life. And it did again loud and clear at the beginning of this year. Here is my story:

My Father – Fear in Life, Love in Death

Something I have learned is that no matter how much you think you are prepared for a parent’s death, you are not. This is particularly true if it is unexpected. We logically understand that our parents are meant to die before us, but nothing prepares us for that loss when it actually happens.

I had been getting visions about my father’s death for 18 months before he passed. Still, I was not prepared when he died suddenly. His death rocked my world for so many reasons; principally because we had only started to reconcile six months beforehand.

My memories of childhood had been emotionally, spiritually, and physically violent and void of love and joy. For so many years I wanted my father to be out of my life. I feared him. Only when he was gone did I realise that my longing to be rid of the fear of him had overshadowed what I really yearned for: to feel his love that was hiding somewhere behind the façade of his own fears. Through my father’s transition, he finally showed me the pure love and grace that he was unable to share in his lifetime.

Three weeks before his death, he appeared to me as his French mother, announcing that he would die within a month. And it came to pass. What I found interesting was that he channelled this “visit” to me through the female line of his family. This meant something to me, as my father had been so sexist and demeaning of women in his lifetime. For him to appear through his mother meant that he was embracing his gentle feminine aspect.

It took me a long time to understand and accept that this was his only way of being able to embrace me with his love. I now feel his purity of heart that he had never before shared with me. I have transitioned from anger and hate to love and faith. After years of fearing him, I now absolutely love having in my father’s spirit in my life.

Moments of Grace availability

If you would to purchase a copy, click on this link and enjoy a story of grace each day for a year. Allow your soul to be touched by Grace.


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