Your alarm goes off. You haven’t had enough sleep. And you hit the snooze button a few times. Finally, you get the courage to open your eyes, move your tired body and get out of bed.

You head for the kitchen, put the kettle on and grab your phone to see what you’ve missed overnight.

This is your morning ritual; how you start your day. Or various versions of this. And that is often how your day carries on. Rushed. Stressed. Anxious. Mindlessly going from one to another. Out of control. Unproductive. Come the end of the day, you plonk yourself down. Wonder where it went. And getting ready to start it all over again tomorrow morning.

how to start it by creating a morning ritual you love

As they say how you start your morning sets your day. I’ve found that over the years. When I’ve slept well and stuck to my morning ritual I feel positive and ready for the day no matter what it brings me.

In fact, now I can’t be without it. More often than not, when I have let it go my day hasn’t been the best. I’ve felt like I’ve gotten out of the wrong side of bed all day. Like I’ve had two left feet. It has been tiring and time-wasting because I’m unable to make good decisions and feel heavy.

Having your own morning ritual saves you time, creates energy and positivity. You feel alive and happy.
  1. Start by getting up at the same time each day where possible.
  2. Create a sacred space you love being in with your cuppa favourite things around you. If you are unsure how, click here to download my gorgeous ebook. I show you how you can create yours anywhere.
  3. Focus on your breathing to anchor you into the present moment. All you need to do is follow your breath up your spine as you inhale, and back down as you exhale. As you do so set your intention and how you want to feel for the day. Here is a guided meditation to get you on your way.
  4. Have a special journal and pen handy so you can write down any thoughts that are bothering you. This gets it out of your head, onto paper and helps you see clearly. Read more about this on my blog on ‘How are you controlling your thoughts?’
  5. Exercise. Walk. Swim. Do stretches. Yoga. Dance. Whatever makes you feel alive and connected to your body.
  6. Make your bed. I love making my bed as I feel a sense of accomplishment. And creates order in my home.
  7. Make a point of preparing a deliciously healthy breakfast for yourself and/or your family. It takes time. But once you get into a routine you will all feel so much better for it. Even get into the habit of preparing some the night before. That may be stretching it a bit. Give it a go.
  8. Make a habit of appreciating your shower and getting dressed. Enjoy the products you use. The clothes you are going to wear. Be aware of how they make you feel. Do you love wearing colour? Or prefer black. Trousers or a skirt.
  9. Feel full of love, gratitude and abundance for who you are and for what you have, no matter what is going on in your life. I found this helped me a couple of years ago whilst going through a traumatic experience. Read more here.
  10. Lastly, begin your day with a smile. Enjoy this guided meditation.
When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
Marcus Aurelius

In a nutshell, it sets your mood. All this improves your productivity and boosts your energy levels. It creates focus and clarity of mind. Furthermore, you have the best day most days.

If you have any queries or are interested in working with me to bring these into your life, book a free 15-minute clarity call with me to establish a connection and to see if we are meant to work together.

Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from this. And leave a comment on what you do or will do after reading this.

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