how to achieve one task at a time

So much to do, so little time. Where do I start? Where do I end? How am I going to get it all done? Does this relate to you? There are always going to be times when you feel like this when you are in overwhelm wondering how to achieve one task at a time. It feel overwhelming and never ending.

how being grounded helps with one task at a time

For me the turning point came when I started to learn and understand the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. How being grounded in the present moment is so important in all aspects of my life. The change in how I approach my task list now has been dramatic. It helped me, in particular, to overcome the habit of multitasking thinking I was being efficient and clever.

Being grounded in the present moment creates efficiency and effective use of your time. This means that you do not need to find more time in your day to accomplish what you want to. You are able to fully complete one task at a time correctly when you are fully focused.

When you give something your undivided attention, not only do you get it done, but you also get it right the first time round. There is no need to go back and make changes or correct errors using precious time and energy when you could be doing other things. This is what you would call ‘double handling’.

three simple techniques to help you

  1. use your breath to keep you grounded and connected to the present moment
  2. if you are in overwhelm, stop and breath to create a circuit breaker
  3. during the day stop for a moment and take 3 deep breaths and sigh

Now watch how and see much more you get done in the same time frame. For more thoughts to help you with those lists, click here.


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