As mentioned in my Mindful Monday guided meditation for opening your heart,
I was reminded of the power of this last week.

open heart

Having an open heart can be at times painful due to being hurt at a deep level. You can close it off so you don’t experience any more pain. Or you closed it due to having lost a loved one or gone through a nasty divorce. There are so many reasons to not keep an open heart.

But what you forget is that when you close your heart off, you miss out on so much. You close your body off as well to feel safe and protected. And the world misses out on you, too.  You miss out on those precious moments that make you smile. A smile, which is so easy to give, is so contagious and brightens everything up around you and in you.

Being open makes you vulnerable and sensitive to judgment

Let’s face it, we all judge at times, even if it is only to ourselves. Most of us have bitched about someone at some point. And of course, been bitched about. That is human nature. And it hurts. It hurts deeply, as it is not always easy to shrug the nastiness off. It stays with you and can begin to dominate your life. And close you off to all these amazing experiences you are having at the same time.

Whilst doing voluntary work at Ruah Community Services for the homeless, I was reminded of this again – how easy it is to judge. What struck me most that we all want to be seen, loved, acknowledged, touched and heard, no matter who we are and where we are in our lives. Yet, we can close our hearts down when we are afraid of the unknown or unfamiliar. It is easier to shy away or even judge.

positive feedback

Some of the beautiful feedback we got was: ‘It was nice. It had a human touch to it. It helped. Stormy seas went to calm. It was fantastic and helped me a lot. Just what I needed’. Now, receiving this feedback opened my heart even more than it already was. I felt so touched by their receptivity and willingness to accept our support, particularly as I had been hearing awful stories of being spat on, urinated on and threatened. That was just the beginning. In those few hours we had together gave us all the chance to open our hearts and make a difference in each other’s lives.

Over the years, I have closed my heart off to survive immense pain and to protect myself as I was healing. However, I had closed it off so much I ended up having a break down. I had shut myself off so much I had run out of life energy. The flame in my being had been stubbed out.

I ended up taking time out to curl up and heal the wounds. In the process, I realised that I had not only closed myself off from my heart, I but also from my Soul as I had been so busy focusing on getting my business up and running as well. They both needed to be opened again to ignite the flame of my being.

the world does change

Once opened again, the world did change around me. It is beautiful, abundant, safe, and joyful (with its moments, of course). I trust this has given you the courage to open yours again or even more than it already is.

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Namaste from my open heart to your open heart.