Just saw this on someone’s face book page ‘happiness is not trying or finding, it is deciding’ and it got me ‘a thinking’, as they say as I have been making a few major decisions in my personal and business life over the last few months. And not only has it been truly freeing it is also creating happiness. A side effect, I did not expect. Relief, yes, happiness did not come into it.

There comes a time when you need to realise it is time to decide to let go of something or someone that just no longer serves its purpose or a need to be fulfilled in your own life. However, being the human creatures that we are we find this difficult to achieve for all sorts of reasons. We are also looking for something bigger, better or out there that will make us happy.

And more often than not we do it out of fear or feelings of lack. And naturally, we will never achieve what we want coming from this space. I know this well. The more I want something, the more elusive it becomes for me to get. And so it goes on and on. And we then lose sight of what it was we wanted in the first place and close the doors on other people or opportunities coming into our lives.

When we are able to change our mindset from wanting to achieve to wanting to attract, we go into this wonderful space of love and abundance, rather than lack and fear. Remember ‘like attracts like’. And the more I change my inner world into love, compassion, acceptance and abundance, I am finding this. Everything and everyone resonates with you. And the happier you are the more you will find that is in your life, naturally.

However, this does not mean that I still do not get myself into situations that on the surface look great, however, are not in alignment with my values. And it is OK to let go and say no, no matter how good it looks, no matter how much you think you are letting the other side down. In the end, you can only look after yourself and your happiness. And with this comes the realisation that nothing is permanent and situations do change, even if you do not want them to or you can change as well and the fit is just no longer there for both. Very freeing!

A wonderful tool to use to help you get to this point is meditation and mindfulness. Sitting quietly in meditation supports you to get to the point of cleansing the mind and stilling the soul. I was reminded of this by Gen Lama (see photo) at a wonderful retreat this last weekend before they Gyuto Monks flew back to India. it helps you see situations for how they are and not they out to be and how you want them to be. And of course, you can also use tools to keep you focused whilst meditation.

Namaste to you and lots of happiness.