I just came across a daily reading from The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie about saying yes. It never occurred to me to look at that aspect, as I was forever looking at how to say no and set boundaries.

As a child I was not taught how to say either. Yes just did not come into it at all. So I did not learn how to ask for something I did want as I did not even know what I did want. It has taken me a long time to recognise my wants, desires and needs and to act on them and to get them. And it is OK to receive a no when I ask without feeling rejected or hurt or abandoned. And it was OK to receive without feeling guilty. All fanciful I realise now. However, it took some doing.

I had to learn to know what nurtured me, what was fun for me, what was right for me, what nourishes me, what I love doing, who I wanted to say yes to, who I wanted in my life, what I wanted to eat. It all sounds so basic now writing this as I do know, most of the time.

As Melody writes: Today, I will say yes to all that feels good and right. Go ahead and try this out and see what happens in your life. Say YES now!