It seems to be a time of reminiscing and looking back at why I started both my businesses as I am looking at rebranding and re-evaluating what they are all about.

The why is still the same: wanting you to love the skin you are in as I love being in mine now. I believe we all have a dream and a desire to make a difference in this world, no matter how large or how small, whether it be in business sense or a personal one.

I truly believe that, however, from my own experience and being around clients for years, a lot of us hold ourselves back from realising our dreams and being all we want to be. We are all artists in some way or other, we just have not yet tapped into that side of ourselves, of who we really are and sharing our potential with the world.

It took me time to work out how I was holding myself back, what my thoughts and perceptions of myself were from realising the life I wanted to have. It was frustrating at times as I could not seem to move past certain points. Others related to this as well and this is when I realised that I was being challenged to expand for the benefit of women, just like me – women looking to make deep personal changes with the support of a brand they trust.

Unfold Your Freedom was born, like Franc Essential natural skin care was born in the lavender fields of France, from a passion to connect women to their hearts again, to come home to themselves as I had done after an amazing month up in Ubud, Bali in the rice paddies.  It was such a wonderful and liberating feeling when that happened. This incredible sensation washed over me and through me when I realised that I had lost sight of this innate side of me: the loving sacred feminine connecting to her heart, body and soul. And now I had connected again in the most divine way!

Again, the question was how could I bring this to you so you to have an experience like mine. Unlike Franc Essential I cannot bottle it all up. However, I can share with you the techniques and tools I have learnt over the years to help you find time again in your life to enjoy a fulfilling life connected to your scared feminine.

And that is what I am in the process of creating; programmes with these simple and easy to use techniques that you can use anywhere anytime. You will not have to create more time in your day. They can be incorporated into your every day activities. These programmes will give you time again: trust to listen to your intuition to be able to have more meaningful experiences.

They will offer you a way to be all you want to be; an alternative way of being to have fun and time in your life to be with family, loved ones or whatever it is you want to do and be. I offer these because I can.I truly believe in you being all you want to be. And I want to inspire you to do so.

Namaste to you all. And I look forward to being with you on your powerful journey.