Do you value your sense of smell? Stop for a second and think about it… Scent connects us to every emotional anchor stone of our lives. My dear friend Kirsten from Soulfire Artisan is my guest blogger this week talking to you about the power of scent. The reason being, we have had fun creating a wonderfully aromatic workshop for those of you here in Perth. I will tell you more about it at the end of the blog. In the meantime, get ready to be taken on a thought-provoking scentual journey.

what character are you smelling?

‘As I write this, the fragrance of my fresh brewed coffee helps me feel alert. I drink coffee when I am either socialising or writing. So for me, coffee is associated with communication, sharing and exchanging ideas. Coffee is not a sedate scent. It’s peppy and dynamic, the perfect motivator for a spirited conversation. It’s also warm and alluring, as every cafe-goer knows.

Vanilla, on the other hand, is a sedate scent. It is soft and comforting, evoking associations of childhood innocence and happy summer holidays. Even as adults, it can be hard to resist the appeal of a night home on the sofa in PJs, with a movie and a tub of vanilla ice cream (particularly if your inner child is in charge that night!).

Whilst scientists still have not unlocked the mystery of how we actually smell, they do know that smell is the only one of our five physical senses that goes straight to the emotional centre of the brain, without passing through other sensory processing areas first. It is a straight pathway from the olfactory bulb at the top of the nose, along with the olfactory nerve to the limbic brain, which processes emotion and memory. Therefore, scent plays a very important role in the formation of short term and long term memory. Therefore it can profoundly influence your emotional state.

voices of different characters

As a perfumer and aromatherapist, I like to think of scents as the voices of different characters. You don’t need to know the character traits; you can tell what the character’s attributes are just by paying close attention to how each scent makes you feel.

Some scents possess a universal character appeal, such as coffee or vanilla. Other scents will have a more personal significance for you, depending on your memory associations. For example, my mother loves to use rose geranium essential oil in her aromatherapy burner to fragrance her home, so now the scent of rose geranium always reminds me of my mother. What are some of the personal scent associations that you have?

scent influences your mood

By paying close attention to the ways different scents influence your mood you can then choose to fragrance your body and your environment (home/ car/ office) with those fragrances that help you to feel good. In this way, you can positively impact your own happiness and contribute towards the emotional stability and happiness of your loved ones around you.’

I trust you were transported to another world. Read my blog for my own experience last year. Love to hear your experiences in the comments below. And for more information on how to have more goodness in your life, why not join my mailing list and receive your gorgeous e-book on how to create your sacred space.

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