new moon ritual
Each month’s new moon is a new beginning. I find that exciting as there are times when you feel you are not getting anywhere. However, when you sit down and do your new moon ritual it reminds you that you can create a new slate and start again.

new moon ritual

The new moon is part of the lunar cycle of fullness and emptiness, of waning and waxing, of birth and death. This beautiful moon represents a second chance that you are given over and over again. If things didn’t go the way you expected last month you can start again. Learn from what happened and build on that.
Whereas the full moon represents clearing and release. It is a time of culmination, growth, and fruition.  
During this lunar phase, take the time to reflect on your month, the decisions you made, on your experiences, and what you either want to add or change. Then take the time to rejuvenate yourself to enjoy the next month.
That is why this is the perfect time to practice your new moon ritual. I find for me it is the same that I do each day. However, with a different focus and the emphasis being on what I do want to bring into my life and new beginnings.
By doing a ritual you are taking the time to connect to the whispers of your heart and its guidance. When you do this regularly you are building your intuitive muscle allowing yourself to be truly guided by your divine messages.
At first, this can seem strange and you are not receiving anything. Practice is important as you learn to listen and see. Remember it may not come in the way you expected or wanted. And don’t doubt what does come up, even if it feels bizarre.

A ritual to set your intentions

Where to start:
  • create your sacred space – find a place you love. Cleanse your space and yourself with a smudge stick, a Reiki symbol, or crystal. Light a candle to connect you to Divine Spirit and Divine Guidance.
  • open your channels – pause to open yourself up clearing any clutter in your mind. Put one hand on your heart and one on your belly slowly inhaling and exhaling a few times bringing you into the present moment. Use a simple prayer: Dear Universe, please help me clear my mind so that my truest intentions can flow through my heart and hand into my journal.
  • journal and pen – start writing down all your intentions in the positive (‘I am’) as though you have already manifested them. Add them all, no matter, how ridiculous they may seem. These are coming from your Higher Self. Remember to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
  • Select the ones that stand out most – pause for a moment before going through your list choosing the ones that stand out. Write down the following: this, or something better, now manifests for me and for the highest good for all concerned. By writing this you are permitting the universe to change as required your intention to keep it on purpose.
  • Meditate – when you feel complete, take a few moments meditating on each one to see how it feels in your body and when it has been manifested. I have also created this lovely New Moon guided meditation infused with Reiki to support you.

Feel into it

As you go through this process that little voice of judgement will make itself known. All you need to do is acknowledge it and carry on. This is normal.

It is how you handle those critical voices that make the difference. A big part of this new moon ritual is to get to know how each intention feels.

Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled – Wayne Dyer

Take the time to feel into each one. Listen to see if it resonates. Just because it is what you want, doesn’t mean it is right or the best one. This is something I needed to learn from past experience.

After that, let go of attachment. This gives it space to go on its own journey creating a beautiful energy to supplement yours. Visualise freeing yourself from this process creating space for what is to come through can with grace and gratitude.

Close the ritual

When you feel complete remember to close the ritual. A simple prayer of gratitude is all you need to do. In addition, I bow my head in reverence to the experience giving thanks. After that, I put the list away until the next new moon. During the month take note of what has happened and acknowledge that, particularly if something has come to fruition.

Above all, remember you are worthy of receiving.

Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from these ideas. And leave a comment with your thoughts as there is always more we can learn from each other.

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