Rituals are incredibly beneficial to our lives. Stay with me on this one. And they make the ordinary extraordinary.

Rituals create an anchor in your life

In the past, I associated rituals with religion and witchcraft. And it was negative. I was too young to discern for myself the power of them in my life. Furthermore that they aren’t all religion based. We perform rituals on a regular basis in our everyday life.

It’s just that we take them for granted. Yes, there are the obvious ones, such as celebrating births, deaths, weddings, baptisms, graduating from university, or getting a new job. And each religion and culture have their own. Love to hear what you celebrate in the comments to inspire and be inspired. I find it fascinating to see what you all celebrate.

In addition, rituals come in all shapes and forms. From the daily routines in your life to the monthly and yearly ones.

  • the changing of the seasons
  • lighting candles in church or at home
  • religious ceremonies
  • writing letters
  • singing songs and dancing to invoke spirits, rain, or good vibes.
  • setting your daily intentions
  • how you make your cup of tea (think of the Japanese ceremony)
  • your evening ritual as you go to bed
  • how you prepare your food
  • set your table
  • going to a place of worship
  • massages and facials
  • meditating
  • how you dress
  • wear your makeup
  • do your hair
  • burning incense
  • peace offerings
  • taking communion

This list is endless. It’s to get you thinking about what you do on a regular basis.

What to rituals do?

They create a sense of meaning and predictability in our forever changing lives. Life is transient and impermanent, no matter how much we want to control it. It takes us on the most unexpected paths which can be disconcerting and disorientating. Routine and ceremonies give us a sense of stability. Something to hold onto in times of stress and need. And they create an anchor in our lives. They make the ordinary extraordinary.

It’s a great practice to have them in our lives in the good times. Because they become a habit and second nature. And they keep you sane, down to earth and connected to the present moment. They help you be mindful in all that you do. And rituals create memories of loved ones.

Here are some of mine and my memories:

  • preparing each meal with my partner
  • finishing our day with a drink and asking how our day went
  • going for walks in nature
  • meditating together in my healing room
  • my father making pancakes Sunday evenings as a child
  • playing cards with my French grandparents
  • sitting in the drawing room with my Australian grandmother sipping tea
  • my grandmother’s bowl of roses from her garden
  • going to church each Sunday as a child
  • skiing on weekends
  • painting
  • writing my blogs
  • journaling each morning in my sacred space
  • reading in the garden on a beautiful sunny day
  • going to the beach for a walk and a swim
  • having a pre-dinner drink
  • having lunch with friends
  • daily gratitude

“In our deeds, we can structure our lives so that the simple things that we do every day, from bathing to cooking, have resonance and ritual’.
Ilsa Crawford”

Even doing your ‘chores’ takes on a different feel when you can turn them into a ritual that resonates with you. I created my Mindful Living Mindful Being programme (see below) to show you how you can turn this around from a sense of dread and tedium to one of joy and love.

In the meantime, I will give you an example of how a seemingly tedious chore can take on a whole new meaning. Last year my partner had an unexpected major health scare. Talk about being thrown upside down. Life was no longer ‘normal’ and in our control. We had no clue what had happened, where to go, and what to do. It was literally one day at a time.

So what did we go? We clung to the ordinary that did make sense. The daily chores that kept us connected to what we could make sense of us. Suddenly they took on a whole new meaning: one of normalcy. One that we could relate to as everything was totally unrelatable.

The main one that stands out for me is cleaning my car. Normally, this is not a chore I particularly enjoy, despite loving my car. However, on the day I thought I was picking up my partner to bring him home from the hospital, I had this urge to give it a good clean.

Why now? Because I needed to make sense of life. I wanted the car to be super clean to pick him up in. For him to feel loved and cared for.

Odd? Yes. Real? You bet.

Now, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have noticed if he’d done that for me. However, he did. It was a precious moment between the two of us of love, care, respect, and appreciation. And it was a few days later as he wasn’t released on that day. At least the car still looked clean.

Create your go-to place

Finally, I highly recommend you create a space you love going to. A space that brings you peace and solace. Your go-to place in times of need to meditate, be mindful and have quiet time.

It’s your soulful place where you can safely sort out your thoughts, what you need to do, to find solutions to problems, and just to simply have mindful time with yourself.

It’s the place where you can have moments of joy, a cry, express your frustrations, hurt, pride, or excitement. A place where you can get clarity, insight, solace, and comfort. Your space to remind you of what’s important, what rituals you need to have in your life and what ones you may need let go of due to being busy and mindless.

This is where I write every day. And this became even more important last year. It held me together where I could cry, scream, shout and express my fear.

It’s a ritual I have now performed for about 30 years. Initially, I used blue or black pens. Now I only use colour. And of course, mainly pink (my favourite colour, purple and teal). Your turn. Where have you created your space? And what weird and wonderful things do you have in there?

‘I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionised my mindset, transformed my heart set, and generally influenced my life exponentially’.
Robin Sharma

In conclusion, rituals make the ordinary extraordinary. They make us feel strong, powerful, full of confidence and give us a sense of stability. And by creating your own rituals you are bringing a sense of connection and sacredness to your life.

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PS if you wish to make mundane tasks enjoyable, have a look at my Mindful Living Mindful Being programme. It will teach you how to tap into joy and happiness easing your anxiety and stress giving you more moments of laughter and fun as you become familiar with these techniques infused with a wonderful sense of peace and calm.




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