Over the years I have found it important to make sure I care for myself, particularly when I am feeling out of sorts. It is so easy to lose sight of self care when you are feeling down. So I decided to compile a list of self care tips for you to save and refer to. Of course, you can add your own.

self care tips

The other thing I found was that I also found it difficult to ask for support when I needed it. I didn’t want to put people out and I should be able to do it all on my own. Wrong! What I found was that friends always love to help you out. It makes them feel special. We all love to give. What we find difficult is to receive. A question I put to you: would you want to be asked to help a friend out? Of course, you would. Further more, would you feel upset, if a friend didn’t reach out? Remember, so do your friends.

Let’s get started with self care tips. I am going to create two lists for you: one for your mind and one for you skin and body.

10 Mind and soul self care tips

  1. ask for help – you don’t need to do it all by yourself
  2. give yourself permission to say no – you can’t do it all and who are you pleasing: yourself or the other person (read more here)
  3. give up expectations – this takes away any feelings of being let down
  4. rest and relax – make time for fun and laughter
  5. keep smiling – when you smile it is contagious (read more here)
  6. feel love and compassion –  for yourself and others
  7. keep breathing – brings you back into the present moment
  8. stop and breathe – a great circuit breaker when you are feeling overwhelmed
  9. be beautifully you – you are perfect just the way you are
  10. you are enough – in fact you more than enough the way you are

5 skin and body self-care tips

  1. drink lots of water – when you are busy you forget to hydrate your body
  2. eat well – it is important to keep your body fueled with healthy and nourishing food
  3. keep moving – do some form of exercise on a daily basis – cleaning can do the trick and dancing around the house as if no one is watching
  4. keep up your beauty routine – cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate
  5. listen to your body – it tells you what you need to do (listen to this guided meditation)

For other ideas, check out my blogs on 10 Zen Daily Activities and my How to Care for Your Skin Mindfully blogs to inspire and motivate you.

For ease of implementation, make dates in your diary to have invaluable time out. It is so easy to push yourself and your needs aside to be there for others. Make the time now to at least do one of the above each day to start with. Soon you will be wanting to do more.

Love to hear how you are going. Do leave a message in the comments and with any ideas you have for self-care.

From my self-cared body and soul to your self-cared body and soul

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