As mentioned in my last post, I am starting to overcome some major fears that I truly thought was never going to happen, so I did nothing about it for all these years. Talk about holding yourself back. However, I did do other things instead!! So not going to give myself a hard time here. And here are some of the techniques I am using.This is where mindfulness truly comes into its own – being aware of how you are feeling moment to moment creating a sense of space and awareness of what is happening to you right now. This helps identify the triggers that hold you back from doing what you really want to do.

An example: I was asked to be part of an event ‘Getting Back into the Saddle’ run by Mohegan Clinics which was such an irony as here I am teaching people to overcome there fears, and real ones at that, and I had my own around horses. However, I saw the opportunity of putting into practice on the spot what I was going to teach.

First of all I talked about fears, how they appear real to the person, even though they are now irrational. I took them into a meditation visualising their fear and beginning to feel what was happening in their bodies – identifying the triggers – heart racing, sweaty hands, palpitations, light headedness, etc.

Then we talked about what they wanted and what the consequences were of holding onto these fears. Response: not being able to be with their horses and pursuing their love and passion surrounding horses. This, of course, caused anxiety, stress and sadness. Yet, the fear still felt real as now they had to trust the horse again and not always their own horse and it was holding them back from being connected again and doing what they really wanted to do.

Then we looked at trusting ourselves again – finding the confidence, courage and strength to overcome the fear of being hurt again. I brought in the experience of having to trust myself driving again as I could not control those around me, only what I did.

We used breathing, body scan, visualisation techniques and mantras to help us get through this. It takes time and dedication to tune into our bodies, feel the triggers of fear and then to slowly let them go. As we gain trust and confidence in ourselves, our fears start to dissipate and no longer dictate our lives.

So there I was facing my fear and the next minute I was stroking this most magnificent horse. Unbelievable! And the first step to much much more!

This is serious stuff!